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Posted by Johny Dean on December 1st, 2014

Mobile applications are software programs developed to the benefit of mobile device users. They run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. To enjoy their benefits, users are invited to download them from an online app store. Some applications are free, others have a certain price. All apps are updated on a regular basis by their developers, to interact better with the latest hardware and software technology.

Mobile apps cover virtually all topics, from astronomy and literature to gardening and finances and from mathematics and interior design to knitting and tourism. Their main purpose is to be a bridge between mobile device users who can be interested in astronomy, literature, and so on, and providers of astronomy news, publishers, teachers, or just other users interested in the same topics. Mobile apps are created to be beneficial to both people who download such apps and people who develop them.

Let us take the Library of Virginia mobile app or the Arlington Library mobile app. These are applications that make the connection between patrons and libraries, allowing them to access content that otherwise could be difficult to access. Just by using their smartphone, tablet or other mobile device they own, patrons can search library’s collection, download eBooks and eAudioBooks, discuss directly with a librarian, learn more about the calendar of events of a certain library, and find out library’s latest news via social media posts.

Libraries, in their turn, benefit from a lot of advantages by starting to use mobile apps like this. First of all, they can easily reach an audience that rarely enters an actual library today: the youth. Young people prefer to use their devices to access content online or communicate with their friends. But what if libraries start to use a mobile app and allow teenagers in particular and adults of all ages in general to do the same thing while using a library mobile app?

With the Library of Virginia mobile app, patrons get real-time access to libraries’ collections, have the possibility to download eBooks, eAudioBooks and video content, easily manage their accounts, access reading lists, find a library near their location, look for a certain book in a library's catalog based on its ISBN or library barcode, learn about the events organized at a certain library, speak with an actual librarian, and so much more.

The Arlington Library mobile app comes with the same advantages. It allows patrons to easily manage their accounts, search books, read eBooks, listen to eAudioBooks, find interesting newspaper or magazine articles, as well as book suggestions for children, easily ask librarians questions, place holds and renewals, learn about classes and computer lab sessions organized at the library, and stay up-to-date with their favorite library’s posts.

Would you like to have access to your favorite library's catalog at any time and regardless of your geographic location? Download the Library of Virginia mobile app or the Arlington Library mobile app and benefit from more than just real-time access to libraries’ collections. With such apps, you can download free eBooks and eAudioBooks in seconds, place holds and renewals, have a direct connection with an actual librarian, and so much more. Please enter our website to discover all the advantages of such apps.

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