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Posted by Swayam India on December 1st, 2014

With change in fashion trends and development in the standard of people new designs bed and diwan covers have been achieved to improve the lives of people. They make a very good surface where you can sit, sleep and lie down in comfort. You will never have to sit on the floor and the sofa when you find comfort on your sofa.

Diwans are most famous for their bolsters. They are the pillow on which you can comfortable lay your back or head. These covers are ideal for spending the day in peace and comfort. The seamless surface and strong texture will keep you throughout your time on the diwan.  

For furniture to look attractive and stunning a beautiful cover is a must. Nowadays covers are designed with extreme precision for a fabulous appearance. Even your old and antique sofa will be transformed into a world class home décor product in the presence of these products. The covers are designed with a wide nature of concepts. Some are printed with floral patterns, some with traditional and some are printed with colorful and vibrant designs.   

These covers can fulfill all your requirements with their wide range of colors and designs. You can choose the color and designs according to the look of your interiors. You living space will have a completely new view when you have these covers on. You can also add bolster and cushions to enhance the appearance of your living space.

Besides their attractive appearance, these covers have a soft and smooth texture. You will definitely love the texture strike against your skin. Your diwan will be a perfect place where you can lie down and relax after a hard working day. The excellent nature of these covers comes from the high quality cotton used in the weaving process. Cotton yarns are woven by and experienced team to ensure high thread count in the fabric.  

You will feel totally comfortable while you watch your favorite shows on television. Not only you but all your family member and guests can have a very pleasant time on your diwan. Your sofa and bed will be no match with the elegance and comfort of the diwan. They are skin friendly and allergen free therefore does not cause any skin irritation or diseases. You will definitely feel a rush of soothing sensation surge through you as come in contact with the sheet.

Being made from cotton, these covers have a lot of feature embedded in them, one of which is breathability. This allows free movement of air through the fabric which helps to keep the surface cool. Whether it summer or winter, you will enjoy sleeping on it. Further, they do not stain easily. If they require cleaning, you can simply throw them in a washing machine for a through machine wash.  Hot water and direct sunlight should be avoided as cotton fades in sunlight. With care and regular washing, these covers can offer you a long term service.

Swayamindia is also a well-known e-commerce portal where you can buy diwan-e-khaas bed sheets in wide assortment. Every piece is offer with 2 matching bolster covers to form a complete set. For the various needs and requirements of customers, they are offered in many sizes. You can also purchase matching cushion covers at additional prices.

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