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Posted by AllmaJess on December 1st, 2014

Going to a formal classy party and confused about the appropriate dress code? The choice is simple. Wear a stunning ball gown to make the heads turn as soon as you enter the room. There cannot be a more sophisticated dress than this. Ball gowns are supposed to be the most formal attire for women for social occasions. They are extremely feminine looking and delicate. They can be worn in any evening party or in a prestigious dinner. The best thing about women’s attire is that they have a lot of choice than men. The same goes with this evening gown also. As men would have only the choice of a suit or tuxedo, ladies can opt for beautiful gowns that have a lot of variety in style and colours.

What makes ball gowns so special? It is in the particular style of the gown that makes it stand apart from all the other dresses. A ball gown is a full skirted, long flowing dress reaching the floor. This adds to the gracefulness of the dress. The look is not arrogant; it’s very soft and gentle. The soft, luxurious, expensive material for the gown is usually chiffon, velvet, organza or satin and is delicately and exotically trimmed. The dress usually has a low neckline and blooms into a full skirt. It is considered as an extremely expensive dress because of its texture and elegance. Whenever a lady is attending a formal party where people of importance are coming over, the most appropriate dress would be a ball gown. These are considered as garments for special occasions. Modern ball gowns have changed their version from their earlier ones but the charm still dwindles over. Today’s gowns are usually strapless, body hugging, off shoulder, sequined and sometimes halter neck too.

If we look back into the history of ball gowns, we find many interesting facts which make it such an appealing dress. They entered into the ladies wardrobe as an evening gown but later on converted itself into a ball gown, which was worn for most formal affairs. As per the etiquette rules, it was a must wear for ladies when they were going to a party where men were required to wear ‘white tie’. The gown was always full length accompanied with necessary accessories and particular type of shoes. The new look of the gown was visible in dresses made by Christian Dior. Till today, that look has continued with many more modern and experimental versions. They remain the most formal female attire till date.

Different designers have created a lot of their own style of ball gowns. They have experimented with streamlined, extravagant or heavily embellished gowns. Whatever the style may be, the main idea behind these gowns is to make the ladies look elegantly modern and superbly couture.

A ball gown can transport you to the time of knights and fairy tales. Although the look is traditional but the modernity in it gives it a unique look. The glory of ball gowns will never fade away, nor will the charm of wearing it.

Feel like a princess wearing a ball gown to woo your prince charming. The magic of ball gowns will definitely bowl him over.

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