Cat Boarding Services - What Do They Provide For Your Cat?

Posted by Country Inn Kennel and Cattery on December 2nd, 2014

Cat boarding is a service that provides a clean and comfortable place for your cat to stay while you are away. Boarding your cat in this facility may be necessary due to certain circumstances—for instance, when you are not allowed to bring your pet on your vacation or cannot take care of it while you are sick. Think of the facility as a hotel. The boarding service ensures that your cat will be cared for when you cannot physically be there for your pet. Choosing the right cat boarding services is essential to making your precious feline feel comfortable and stay healthy while you are away, so choose wisely.

A high-quality cat boarding facility is a safe and fun environment where your pet can feel at home while receiving all the love and care it deserves. There are reasonably priced cat boarding services in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and overnight boarding is offered at competitive rates. Do you have two cats? There are cat boarding services that allow them to board in one suite. This way, they never have to feel lonely.

A reputable cat boarding service in Chapel Hill provides temperature-controlled areas for all felines. The suites are 3 x 3 x 4 feet in size and are regularly maintained to keep them fit and clean for cats. The staff personally cares for your pet—they can even groom it if you wish. Playtime and exercise are likewise provided. You may allow the staff to play with your pet to keep the cat active and healthy.

The best cat boarding service in Chapel Hill is family run. It is managed manned by a pet-loving, professionally trained team so you can be sure that your cat can receive all the attention and care it needs. In case of a power failure, an on-site generator is available to keep the lights and ventilation running, so your cat can continue to be comfortable. High-quality and veterinary-approved cat food is provided to ensure that all pets get complete nutrition and balanced meals.

There are cat boarding services that provides pickup and delivery services in your neighborhood, in case you do not have the time to drop-off or pick up your cat. A good cat boarding service facility in Chapel Hill is separate from the dog boarding facility, so you do not have to worry about your feline's safety. Good planning is essential when choosing a kennel, but by looking at several options, asking for references, reading reviews, and actually walking through facilities a cat owner would be able to identify the right place.

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This article was written by Thomas West, Vice President of Country Inn Kennel and Cattery. Country Inn Kennel and Cattery is a family owned and operated boarding kennel in Chapel Hill, NC. They provide boarding and grooming services for dogs and cats, throughout Chapel Hill and in neighboring towns. They also offer pick up and drop off service for dog grooming service holder.

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