Platform shoes versus jelly shoes: Style over comfort or comfort over style

Posted by AllmaJess on December 2nd, 2014

Designed to protect our feet from hard hits of weather, dust and discomfort, shoes have now become an integral part of styling. We often ignore the comfort factor for fashion and go by the latest trend. However, keeping in mind the inclination towards styling, shoe brands came up with varieties like platform shoes that took style to its optimum level. This pattern of shoe coming in thick soles is one of the most preferred variants for today’s women. However, there are other variants like jelly shoes which lay more stress on the comfort factor. In addition, the availability of these products in online stores has given a different magnitude to the comfort factor.

Shorter women mostly prefer platform shoes as it helps them augment their height. However, women with thicker leg also like wearing platform shoes, as it tends to make their legs look slimmer. The sole of this kind of shoe is made of material like plastic, wood, cork or rubber. The origin of this variant of shoe can be traced back to the 16th century in Greece and it made its foray in the European fashion circuit in 18th century. Jelly shoes were quite recent introduction and made entry during early 1980s. Made of PVC plastic, its translucent look gave it the name of jelly.

Leaving aside the fashion part and laying stress on comfort, jelly shoes would always have little edge over platform shoes. This feature has made it more popular among youngsters and school goers. Flat base of jellies help maintain posture and keep right balance of the body. An ill-designed platform variant can put a lot of stress on your hip muscles and can disturb the posture of our body. You will find it little difficult to manage walking fast with these high heels. However, for partying and dressing up for an evening, these style shoes are quite a hit. Platforms are meant for special occasions and not for regular wear.

However, getting a good quality shoes needed a lot of hopping around the streets. With online stores coming into our lives, you find all the well-known brands taking up their position on the virtual racks. All you need to do is select your variant, choose the colour, select your size and move to payment section. Within days, your chosen jelly shoe will be home. Online stores display all possible variants starting from pumps to high heel shoes to platform shoes to sports shoes and more – you just need to find the suitable one for you. These online stores offer shoes for all – starting from kids, to young girls to savvy women like you.

Jelly shoes come in pretty colours and have a glittering effect. Browsing the virtual stores and selecting a pair of shoe has made life easier for all of us. Only one point of concern remains and that is the size and fit of the shoe. Online stores have offered solution for this also. Wear your platform shoes, walk and check the comfort and then decide on returning. With transparent return and refund policy in place, you can easily ask for a change or get store credit. And, that is just another comfort that online shopping gives you.

Find your preferred platform shoes for partying. Enjoy comfortable walking with jelly shoes.

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