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Posted by dawson12 on December 3rd, 2014

Workers compensation coverage is the protection a business offers its staff. It takes care of the medical expenses involved in treating the injury or disability you had to suffer when fulfilling your work-related responsibilities. It so happens that employees are often kept ignorant of their rights in this regard. Here is an overview of the kind of benefits you can have under this policy.

  1. 1.       Medical only coverage

This takes care of the full expenses involved in treating an injury a person happen to suffer while on the job. The payment starts after a waiting period of three to seven days. It also compensates for the lost time and income when undergoing the treatment. But, most of the time, the waiting period does not exceed the lost time in work. This eliminates the extra cost; limiting the payment just to the amount spent for medications.

Surveys show that this is the most availed among the workers compensation benefits. But, it comes only up to seven per cent of the total payments companies make in this direction. Every State has its own rules and regulations in the matter. Some may allow you or your employer to choose a doctor. In certain States, law determines the amount a service provider can charge from a patient.

  1. 2.       Rehabilitation coverage

This benefit covers the finances required for physical therapy or other facilities you may need to recover from a work-related injury or disease. If it is found out that you would never be able to get back to your earlier job, this benefit spends for the evaluation, reorientation and the tuition to help you be good at another job.

  1. 3.       Coverage for temporary disability

This is something which may differ based on the kind and duration of the disability a person suffers. The Temporary Total Disability Benefit is paid when a person is unable to get back to the work he/she had been doing for a specific period of time. Studies show that most of the workers who receive this benefit get back to work when they recover from the disability. The benefit of this coverage ends at this point. There are also instances where workers are able to get back to work before the completion of the time period specified for the disability. It may also happen that the disabled worker gets back to work with a few restrictions. In such a situation, the victim receives partial payment through this policy.

  1. 4.       Permanent disability benefit

The coverage takes care of the situation where you are left unable to get back to work for a lifetime because of a work-related injury. According to surveys, this comes up only to 7-10 per cent of the total payment made in this regard. There also exists a partial total disability benefit. This helps you if your ability to work gets limited due to an injury on the job site.

If you happen to die because of a job-related injury, your family is entitled to death benefits under workers compensation insurance protection. Know your rights, work with your agency and avoid spending from your pocket for an injury you happened to suffer when working for your employer.

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