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Another notable absence in FIFA’s Career Mode is the ability to develop and expand your fIFA 15 coins 300K , which creates a problem when you take a league 2 side to the Premier League, yet you’re still playing at one of EA’s simple arenas.

This is obviously a pretty big problem and is made even worse when you take that same side into Europe, then start achieving consistent success. Yet still, you’re getting about 10,000 fans tops. Obviously, this wouldn’t happen in the real world.

Adding the option to expand your stadium would be a big part of career mode and would affect the way you play the game. Either you could approach the board and request it or they would decide to do it themselves. The modifications would require your transfer budget to be cut and may see you forced to sell your best players for cash.

This is the next step for Career Mode as it allows for a more personal touch to your favourite club. This game mode has fallen behind in recent years but these are the sort of updates that will take it back to being one of the best available.

A huge thing FIFA is lacking is the all-star teams. Currently we have the World XI, with some of the most bizarre selections ever and the Legends XI, again with some questionable absentees. We’ve also seen the Adidas All-Star team but we need more.

What we’d like to see is a team full of the best players in each division. For example, a Premier League XI, a La Liga XI and a Serie A XI. These teams would be unavailable to select when playing online but would give extra additions to the teams you can select in kick-off or against a friend.

Fans could even be able to vote for who they want to see in each teams squad, which would improve the connection between player and developer. This is key, as we sometimes feel out of touch with those that control our gaming experience.

Another brilliant addition would be legendary teams. Like the invincible Arsenal side of 2004, classic Real Madrid and Barcelona teams etc. These would prove to be very popular and would see some of our favourite players return.

These could also come with another game feature, that requires you to take control of the club and achieve exactly what they did, like going the season unbeaten with the invincibles. This would create an extra challenge and also teach players about the history of certain clubs and players.

FIFA has dedicated a lot of time to making the game as lifelike as possible but they’ve missed some important things. For Nextgen consoles, the fans have finally been improved and no longer look like cardboard cut-outs. Now it’s time for the weather to get a similar revamp.

Currently on FIFA the weather you get given at the start of the game is the same throughout. It’ll either be sunny, overcast raining or snowing for the full 90 minutes. As you all know, this isn’t how the weather works in the real world.

There needs to be differences throughout the game. For example, start sunny then turn overcast and start raining later on. It would make the game more realistic and would also change the flow of the game as you are required to adjust accordingly.

Another problem here is that there is no level of rain/snow. If it’s raining, it will rain at the same consistency and speed every time. there’s no light drizzle, or excessive thunderstorms. Simply rain, that puts the pitch in the same condition every time. will lead to the pitch drying up as the rain stops but would still leave wet patches that could prove treacherous to your attack, which would be a massive addition to the game and take it into the next stages of football simulation.

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