How to Use Stickers as Marketing Tools

Posted by Rahul Shah on February 5th, 2021

Stickers are a fun way to build brand awareness and can help you to reach a much wider audience with very little effort on your side. Sticker printing is awesome to add a bit of fun to plain and dull things. You can brighten up your possessions with vibrant custom stickers by using them on products that you sell under the umbrella of your brand. You can buy the multi-purpose custom stickers online for your personal use or use them to market your brand or products. With the rising competition, it is important to stand out as an entrepreneur. Thus, business professionals and company owners are always looking for new ways to market their business or products and services. This results in customized products being used to spread awareness about a business and its brands. And there cannot be a better choice than custom sticker printing to achieve the marketing goals. They are not only budget-friendly but also offer you multiple ways to market your brand creatively. You can easily find stickers online on any online printing store with a wide range of options to choose from. The sticker printing online services customize the stickers as per your requirement. You can play with the shape, design, cut, color, and other customization options to print creative stickers for your products.

Here are some ways how you can use stickers as a marketing tool:

1.      Promotional giveaway: You can use stickers as a promotional giveaway and distribute it among your customers, prospects, and employees. Stickers are a self-promoting marketing tool. If you create an appealing, creative, funny, and engaging sticker, people will want to take it and put it on their items. They may do so because they love your products or are loyal to your brand, or they may even simply love the design. In either case, they’ll put your sticker on their laptop, backpack, drinking bottle, or the bumper sticker of their car. This is going to give your brand a lot of exposure and create awareness among people. Everywhere they go people will see your sticker, and might even generate leads for your brand. This means that from a small initial investment to print stickers online, you will continue to get the return over time. Therefore it is very important to design your custom stickers very creatively. For this, you must take professional assistance sticker printing online service.

2.      External and internal display: You can use stickers to promote your brand both internally and externally. You can either stick them on the interior of your office or shop like on the point of purchase displays, billing counters, office desks, etc. You can even display it externally by sticking them on the window panes, the outside walls of your shop, and other places in the immediate surroundings. If you run a multi-chain business you can use the custom stickers on all your outlets. You can also tie-up with the retailers and third-party sellers of your products to effectively display the promotional stickers in their shop.

3.      Envelope seals: This is another creative way of using stickers for promoting your brand. You can make the exchange of documents extremely out of the way by using branded stickers as a seal. You don’t have to do much with the design and layout here. It can simply be a round-shaped sticker with your brand name and logo. You can print cheap stickers online for this purpose.

4.      Address label: You can give a sense of consistency to the products you deliver to your customers by sticking the address label on the parcels that you send out to them.  Include your company information and call to action. This is a good way to make sure they repurchase from you.

5.      Seasonal Trends: You customize the packaging of your products according to the special occasions with the help of a sticker. You can customize the stickers with festive greetings, wishes, etc. For example, the customers that purchase products during Christmas can receive the package with a sticker wishing them on the auspicious occasion. This can be a great gesture and can fetch your brand a lot of goodwill and prosperity.

6.      Use it on the products: You can use the stickers on the products themselves stating either some benefit of the product like warranty period or giving some sort of warning like ‘handle with care’. This enhances the value of the overall packaging of your product and educates the customers as well.

You can brighten up almost any of your possessions with vibrantly decorated stickers and breathe some life into them. Place these stickers on any object, right from bags and mugs to even stationary to brighten them up and make your possessions unique and attractive. All you need to do is hire a professional printing company that can design the best stickers to meet your needs.

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