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Posted by Parth Shah on February 5th, 2021

Squint specialists are expert individuals treating a special medical condition in the eye in which the eye muscles become weak and the two eyeballs focus in a different direction. This is called a squint eye. Generally, one eye stays normal and the other eye gets trouble to focus. The vision of healthy eyes focuses on the centre of the pupil. But eyes with a squint condition have difficulties in staying aligned with the object. Children are more prone to develop a squint eye and if treated timely, it can be cured in childhood. But if it is seen in adults then the cause may be the untreated condition in childhood. However, if you are experiencing this issue with your vision or your child’s vision, look no further, seek immediate medical assistance from the best squint specialist in Mumbai

How is Squint Treated By the Best Squint Specialists?

For simple squint conditions, treatment can be started with eyeglasses or lenses and also eye patches can be used. Eye patch process is done by covering the normal eye with a patch so that the troubled eye can be forced to focus on the objects. This way the doctors try to improve the eyesight of the troubled eye. It is a time-consuming process where the results also take time to reflect. Generally in a few years, the squint eye gets cured. 

But the best way to fix this condition is surgery. It helps to correct the position of the eyeball and thus the eyesight is renewed and corrected. In this process, the weak muscles are tightened to lose suppleness and the focus of the eyes are corrected as it is moved towards the middle of the pupil. However, there may be some cases where the defect is diagnosed in both the eyes and hence both of the eyes required to be operated. Dr Kruti Shah is the top squint expert in Mumbai. So for any type of consultation regarding the same, reach out!

Arohi Eye Hospital is the best place in Mumbai for squint treatment. Here, this technique has been practised for a long time. In some years the eyes are corrected. This surgery is also recommended for children, but for the infants, the experts suggest to be a little older. However, keep in mind that if the treatment is pushed to an older age than recommended, the eye muscles adjust themselves with the crooked vision and so fixing them back to normal becomes very difficult. The renowned squint specialists suggest getting the surgery done as soon as the condition is diagnosed. 

Eligibility of the Squint Surgery

Surgery is the best way to treat the squint eye. Anyone who is diagnosed with a squint eye is eligible for getting the surgery done and getting a renewed vision. Although patients suffering from high blood pressure or someone too aged should not go through this surgery. Instead, their treatment should be done through powered eyeglasses.

Are there any Side Effects to Squint Treatment? 

This surgery has been practised for a long time and is 100% secured with minimum or zero side effects. Although some people might experience itching in the eye in the initial days. But that’s not a serious issue and considered as normal. So for treating your or your child’s squint eye, talk to the leading squint specialist in Mumbai. 

What are the Guidelines to be followed? 

After the surgery is done, the patient is advised to take full rest. He should not do any heavy work. Also, a prolonged working schedule should not be followed. He should wear glasses to avoid the dust particles entering the eyes and causing itchiness. Swimming and looking at the sunlight should also be avoided strictly. 

Although the best squint specialist in Mumbai sends their patients on the same day or day after the surgery. But the guidelines for after-surgery should also be maintained religiously to get the full benefit of the treatment. In almost 95% of cases, the permanent result is seen. There may be some exceptional cases as well. 

Cost of Squint Eye Treatment in Mumbai

The cost of squint surgery can vary in different hospitals. In most of the places, generally, the cost ranges between INR 25,000 to INR 1,00,000. It entirely depends upon the condition of the patient, the treatment he requires and of course the technology used in the operation and the entire treatment. So for any kind of consultation regarding your Squint eye treatment, Get in Touch with us.

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