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Posted by SiteTrafficKing on December 4th, 2014

Many website owners and administrators struggle to attract relevant traffic to their websites. A steadily rising number of page views may look good in your statistics, but they don't mean much if you are not generating relevant income out of the traffic that you are receiving. This clearly shows that good traffic alone is useless, unless you are able to make money out of it. If your web marketing techniques still rely heavily on costly promotions and advertising that only give you minimal returns, it may be time to rethink your strategies and switch to healthier tactics that will guarantee more targeted traffic that converts.

Targeted traffic consists of visitors who have more potential to be paying consumers. They are users who are interested in the product, service, or information you are offering, which makes them likely to generate sales rather than just satisfying your traffic counter by passing by your site without taking any action. Targeted traffic can mean the difference between a well visited site and a highly profitable site.

There are many ways to attract targeted traffic to a website. Traditional methods such as search engine optimization, social marketing, article distribution or marketing, and paid programs like pay per click advertising can definitely bring you success, but the best and fastest way to get guaranteed targeted traffic, is to buy it from a reputable company that uses solid practices when it comes to providing targeted traffic within their network.

SiteTrafficKing offers customers the ability to select from various strategies when you buy guaranteed website traffic, including advertising through domain redirection and expired domains, full page pop-under ads, and interstitial ads. Businesses have the option to select their preferred method for the delivery of their visitors ensuring optimum results for their campaign. Using a combination of these strategies is also available and for most campaigns will help you achieve the best results in terms of attracting targeted visitors that are likely to convert.

Domain redirection is a type of advertisement where your website or link to your website is presented on a domain within our extensive and relevant network, thus targeting users who are at present searching for relevant links within your specific niche. This kind of targeted advertising is exactly what your business needs to attract the right traffic. A full page pop under, on the other hand, uses the same concept as a pop up, only the window or advertisement appears behind the user's window, waiting to be viewed, thus avoiding interruption of the user's activity. Lastly, interstitial ads are advertisements that appear in between content pages, offering a less intrusive way of presenting your website as the ad displays during the natural progression of the user's activity as he or she moves from one page to another.

Note that advertising strategy options are available to customers who purchase “Targeted Website Traffic” campaigns. Visit our Plans page to find out more.

About The Company:

SiteTrafficKing was founded with the fundamental goal of providing affordable and effective advertising strategies to generate high volumes of targeted traffic. Based in San Francisco, SiteTrafficKing helps your business reach its full potential by driving100% real human, high quality traffic directly to your website at a fraction of the cost of other advertising solutions.

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