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Treatment is provided when a person's kidneys cease working properly called dialysis. Dialysis is used to filtering the blood while someone's body gets hit by outcast toxins, waste products, and excess fluids. The body may encounter dilemmas in purifying the blood while kidneys fail. Kidneys are helpful to keep a person's body system chemically balanced. Dialysis treatment works like some kidneys do their job. It is a medication and complete care that provide longer life to a patient whose kidney gets affected.  

kidney malfunction is recognized when a person's chronic kidney disease (CKD) turns to the last stage of renal disease (ESRD) or stage 5 kidney disorder. Salubrious Kidneys are working to clean the blood. When your kidneys stop working then you must take action immediately before making your condition more severe. Get dialysis treatment for your kidney failure which is performed with modern machines before hazardous waste and toxins developing in the body.

While facing the same condition, a kidney transplant or dialysis is must be needed for you that is provided by us for everlasting life. You can visit our most famous Dialysis centre in Delhi as soon as possible or make an appointment with our experienced and skilled expert who will do several kidney function tests to check the kidney's condition. Early diagnosis of CKD and regular check-up is prescribed to maintain kidney function for as long as possible. These tests allow you and your doctor to plan for ESRD treatment while required.

Despite it, prenatal care is needed when a woman gets pregnant so that she can have good health care to give birth to a healthy baby. You must go early and regularly for prenatal care that helps moms-to-be — and their babies — stay healthy. Regular care lets specialists find and deal with any issue as soon as possible. Fertility treatments usually cover prescriptions that help with hormones and ovulation, seldom merged with the minor surgical process. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) represents different sorts of processes that can support you to have a baby. ART involves processes that make it easier for sperm to fertilize an egg, and support the egg implant in your uterine wall.

There are two of the most popular fertility treatments that are given below:

1.Intrauterine insemination (IUI) - Salubrious sperm is gathered and interpolated right into your uterus while you’re ovulating.

2.In Vitro fertilization (IVF) - Eggs are obtained from your ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a lab, where they grow into embryos. Then a specialist places the embryos into your uterus.

kinds of ART such as cryopreservation, egg or embryo donation, and gestational. Donor sperm, donor eggs, and substitutes are usually employed by same-sex couples or single people who desire to have a child. You can also utilize sperm and/or eggs from a donor if an issue with your sperm cells or eggs is creating infertility disorders.

Consult with our doctor who specializes in pregnancy and infertility. She can help you figure out the best treatments for you. Our gynecologist will help you by offering result-driven maternity care at our best maternity center in Delhi. Our renowned doctor will prescribe you the treatment when you visit us. Throughout the consultation, our doctor will tell you about treatment options and decide what's best for you. Following confirming your condition, our expert will prescribe treatment time and rate based on your health conditions. It's important to complete your treatment precisely so that you can become a healthy mother of a healthy child.

In addition to this, we give all the emergency services 24hours with the help of our contemporary and outstanding machines and expert doctors. An emergency is a situation that occurs unexpectedly. It is a dangerous situation that requires immediate action. Our reputed 24hours emergency hospital in Delhi offers safe medical services so that our patients can have an enduring life. Furthermore, we desire to bring more and more top-class technology and expand our embrace of care. We are highly appreciated by our precious patients who have experienced our services. We are a highly demanded hospital in the city as our services never badly affect the patients. We not only provide services of health care but also take care of every patient with excellent facilities. We always take care of our every patient's satisfaction that's why we give services at a price that would be light on the patient's pocket.

Why Should You Approach Nestiva Hospital?

  • We provide the excellent quality medical services
  • We have state-of-the-art and modern technology
  • We offer treatment at economical costs
  • We have well qualified and experienced specialists
  • Our provided services give the fastest results
  • Our top-class edge cutting infrastructure presents the best to all 
  • We have a team of proficient and dedicated professionals
  • Our rendered services are available 24/7 hours

 About Nestiva Hospital

We have commenced giving medical service 5 years ago. We vowed to save the life of numerous patients. Our Nestiva hospital serves our esteemed community with commitment and passion and, providing medical care of National standards. We provide medical services throughout Delhi: Munirka, Govindpuri, Mahipalpur, and in Bihar at Patna. We have started our healthcare operations with full devotion. Our Nestiva Hospital primarily was placed in Munirka. A famous General Physician in the area, Dr. Amit Chaudhary is the director of the Hospital. You can be sure that you will get hospital-quality healthcare in ease as your home with Nestiva. Our loyal team of highly qualified specialists always available 24/7 hours to give medical care. 

We gives all kinds of services such as Ultrasound, Laboratory Test, X-beam, ECG, TMT, and Echo. A Complete Healthcare Plan is another theory emphasize for providing Preventive, Diagnostic & Curative Health Care at Nestiva Hospital that is Helpful, result-driven, and of High Quality for our beloved Patients. 

Our team of professional and caring specialists heightens the Standard of Health Care Services at Every Level. As quality is seen and developed in all aspects of Patient Care, our Hospital furnishes quality care with compassion. We strive to save one’s life with responsibility.

Reach out to us as we are available 24hr to serve you all your medical needs.

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