Car Wash at Home: How to Wash Your Car Easily

Posted by Thomas Wattson on February 5th, 2021

The idea of cleaning your car is an unpleasant one, but who doesn’t like a clean and shiny vehicle. And there’s no better feeling than having a scrubbed and sparkling car at your doorstep every single day. But, for it to be happy, you need to keep it happy.

Unfortunately, keeping your car clean can be a more difficult task than just saying it. You need to wash your car regularly, for it to look its best. Washing your car can be relaxing and satisfying & is pocket-friendly. When you’re washing your car at home, you are saving the amount which would otherwise be spent on a mechanic, and it allows you to pay some extra attention towards the dirty areas of your vehicle.

Commercial car washes use abrasive products that are harmful and can either scratch or damage your car’s paint. But when you’re doing it at home, it allows you to be as gentle and caring as you want to be.

But going straight to the “How to wash a car at home?” is a bit like dancing with the celebs without any training: because the result is never going to be pretty. So, before moving any further, let’s just introduce ourselves with a few more things.

Why should we wash our cars?

car wash is a low money and time investment with a great return. Washing your car is important for many reasons:

  • Who doesn’t like to turn heads with a squeaky clean and shiny car? Moreover, it will also increase the resale value.
  • Driving a clean car is better as it makes you look well maintained, hereby giving you even more reason to drive confidently
  • Improves the condition of your car & significantly increases its life

Now let’s quickly move on to learning how to wash your car and that too at home because that’s the most important thing right now.

How to wash your car at home?

There’s so much more to washing a car than just preserving its paint. But before you start doing anything, just move your car out of direct sunlight which will prevent more usage of water by evaporating it.

Now, there are a few steps on how you can wash your car at home easily:

1. Evaluate your car’s condition

This seems like a piece of cake, but it’s an important step. Before cleaning your car, you need to know your car. Decide how dirty it is. Is the car covered in fine dust? Do you need to remove the dirt before using it? Look at the condition of your car yourself. An older car will need more products to clean it; on the other hand, you only need a small amount for a new car or it can be cleaned easily using a wet cloth.

2. Choose the right tools

Choosing the right tools? Are there any right tools to wash a car?

Well, don’t worry! Because we’re here to help you through this.

Yes! There are some tools which are designed to wash your car & they will lead you to the correct path. Keep the tools handy for a quick wash at home.

These include a soft sponge, some car washing liquid, several microfiber cloths and one large microfiber towel.

And to your surprise, there are different tools for the interiors and the exteriors. For the interiors, get a vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, wheel cleaner, paper towels and a window cleaner.

In contrast to this, NEVER use a bar of hand soap, dishwashing liquid, or any other cleaning liquid other than the car wash detergent/liquid cleaner. This is because car wash liquids are designed specifically for cleaning your car, without any scratches or accidents.

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3. Read the label

Carefully read the labels before you apply anything to your vehicle. The wrong products can damage the paint; therefore reading the directions behind the product will save your time as well as your money. Along with this, it will help you to use the correct amount of product for your vehicle.

The main goal of a good deep clean is to remove the dirt off your vehicle.

4. Location

It might seem like an amazing idea to wash your car on a warm, sunny day but it has its disadvantages. When it comes to cleaning your car, bright sunny days could spell dark times ahead. Too much direct sunlight or heat could dry off the shampoo before you even get to finish the job; so it’s always better to clean your car early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun goes down.

5. The three-bucket system

Let’s get eco-friendly here!

This is a very interesting step as it will help you in saving a lot of water which you could have wasted otherwise. The three-bucket system involves you having a three-bucket full of water by your side before you start cleaning your vehicle.

Fill the first bucket with normal water, the second bucket with soapy water and the third with a mix of both soapy as well as normal water. Soapy water will be used for cleaning your vehicle and to remove all the dirt it has. Then, it will be washed off using the bucket of normal water and the third bucket is for cleaning your car’s wheels; which is often the dirtiest part of your vehicle.

6. Do the gross part first

The dirtiest part of any vehicle is the wheels, so let’s just quickly start by washing them first.

But Wait! Were you planning to apply the soapy water solution on the tyres too? Don’t make that mistake.
Make sure to never apply any cleaning product on your vehicle’s tyres, instead just spray them using normal water just to remove the dirt off them.

Also, remember to use only one bucket for cleaning the tyres and don’t use the water-only bucket to clean them: they are for cleaning your car..[Continue Reading]

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