Advantages of Rock Crawlers over Other Types of Rough-Terrain RC Models

Posted by rchobbiesoutlet on December 5th, 2014

RC rock crawling isn’t about speed—it’s about maneuverability and power. The challenge is to navigate difficult obstacles and uneven rocky surfaces that regular monster RC trucks and RC Truggies aren’t able to handle. This is where a specialized RC class called rock crawlers come in. This category of RCs possesses a few key characteristics:

1. Power - Controlled torque is what you really need for rock crawling, not high speed or high RPMs. Specialized rock crawlers use stock electric motors combined with low gear setups, delivering steady torque at lower speeds to deal with rocky terrain.

2. Low Center of Gravity + High Clearance - The chassis should not drag over the rocks, but it should still be low enough so that the RC won’t tip over as it climbs a steep hill. The weight shouldn’t all be in the rear, or it might pull back the RC and render it unable to climb. Most rock crawlers have big tires to provide the ground clearance necessary for the job. The battery is also in middle for more even weight distribution.

3. Steering and Maneuverability - Rock climbing involves twisting and turning, so RC rock crawlers need a very flexible suspension and high torque steering. Most RC climbers feature 4-wheel drive, and some have 4-wheel steering. This enhances their ability to maneuver in tight areas, get up and over uneven surfaces, and gain better traction.

4. Traction - RC rock crawlers typically use tall off-road tires to put more tread on the sidewall, resulting to better traction. Rock crawlers need fairly soft tires with deep and chunky treads.

Entry-Level RC Rock Crawlers

Serious RC rock crawlers tend to be expensive, but you don’t have to spend too much right away if you’re just looking to try out this category. You can buy battery powered electric RC rock crawlers for less from online retailers specializing in hobby-grade toys. These entry-level rock crawlers are quite capable, and come with special wheels, specialized differentials, highly flexible suspensions, and specialized electronic speed controls for crawling over obstacles. They are quite affordable and provide exceptional value for entering this exciting hobby. If you have the budget, be sure to also consider entry-level 1/8 scale RC crawlers with 4-wheel steering and dual motors for maximum crawling capability, to allow you to crawl over some of the most challenging obstacles.

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