Telemedicine Trends For 2021

Posted by Consagous Technologies on February 5th, 2021

Globalization has completely taken over the world. The amount of information and extent of technology is expanding at a highly rapid pace. A huge number of industries are taking advantage of this technological evolution and tap markets they could never have imagined before. 

Telemedicine is one of the industries that has been on a noteworthy rise with this global adoption of digital technology. 

Healthcare is now seamlessly assisted with technology to deliver telemedicine app development solutions that have completely revolutionized the lives of a huge number of people who didn’t have access to proper healthcare services due to their remote locations.  

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the urban audiences too have begun to take notice of the vast benefits telemedicine and telehealth services are bringing with them. 

When we talk about the recent trends in technology as a whole, there are not too many testimonies that can encompass this advancement as comprehensively as telemedicine- it has brought patients within the proximity of a few taps.  

Trends in Telemedicine and Telehealth for 2021 

The rise of telehealth services can be accredited to a large degree due to millennials, 74% of whom find it better to schedule a telehealth visit as compared to personal doctor consultation as per 

Not a small number by any means. 

Here are some trends that will drive telemedicine and telehealth in the year 2021-

  • More Sophisticated Healthcare Apps & Technology

In the healthcare world, there is always a scope for ensuring better patient engagement despite the superlative convenience of telemedicine. With accessibility to smartphones becoming easier than ever, this year will bring more apps with features that will allow users to personalize their experiences.

  • Increased Use By Doctors for Treatments

While the concept of telemedicine is not new, the coronavirus pandemic brought doctors and physicians to consult with patients remotely. While the consultations were limited to COVID-19 related issues so far, the treatments will now involve a lot more issues and health conditions than just COVID-19. 

The aftermath of global lockdown has brought forward a number of mental and physical disorders to the fore, and this is why the demand for telemedicine app development solutions will surely see more takers. 

Such ‘home-based’ technologies will increase manifold in 2021. 

  • Healthcare Decentralization

As far as the present situation goes, a huge number of medical professionals are making a shift to offer their treatment to patients from small spaces and private clinics, rather than doing this from the usual hospital buildings. 

Because the entire world is undergoing a big paradigm shift in the health industry, millennial doctors will most surely prefer the flexibility that is on offer by telemedicine.

This is one huge trend that will make its presence felt without a doubt.

  • Better Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Perhaps the only thing that goes a little against telemedicine is something that is its biggest strength too- it’s pure technology. And because it’s a technology, protection against cyber threats is a big option to keep in mind.

Brace yourself for telemedicine app development services that will highlight cybersecurity as their USP to land more projects, protecting the doctor and patient- related information. 

  • Unique Software/Hardware Will Lose Relevance

So far, hospitals and medical professionals used to rely on a combination of hardware and software that was tailor-made for specific use cases.  

With the constant evolution of telemedicine, healthcare solutions will become more uniform, secure, and cohesive, offering widespread reach at the same time.  

These solutions are user-friendly and very cost-effective when compared to the installation of specific software and hardware.  

2020 has shown us that there is a high need for more flexibility in the healthcare domain. Providing proper care and minimizing the loss of lives will always be a priority. Telemedicine app development solutions are user-focused and have a great degree of usability for both doctors and patients. 

2021 will surely have a lot more digital tools that are efficient and highly sophisticated, making the lives of people easier, and good health, more accessible. 

Consagous Technologies has more than a decade of experience in creating cutting-edge telemedicine app development services for making remote healthcare better for society.


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