Hipaa Training Programs for Beginners and Professionals

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As per the regulations laid down by government agencies, any organization that is involved in the healthcare industry must follow the standard procedures and best practices as per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Also, each staff member of such organizations should undergo some form of basic or advance HIPAA training, depending on the role of each staff member in that organization.

What is HIPAA?

The HIPAA was introduced as an effort to protect the privacy of patients and safeguard their information, as well as reducing medical costs and simplifying medical processes. For both privacy and protection of patient information, HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security sub-laws are there.

HIPAA training involves various techniques to teach healthcare professionals on how to handle protected health information of patients. They are taught how to store, use, transmit or convert information or data from non-standard to standard from in a proper manner.

This is so because almost each staff member of any healthcare organization becomes responsible for handling patients’ protected health information, and so they should be aware of all the correct practices and ensure that the information is kept private and secured at all times.

HIPPA training in general has two main levels- beginner and professional

Beginner HIPPA training

The beginner level trains an individual or an entity about the basics of HIPAA. It tells organizations about ways through which they can make themselves compliant will the practices set by HIPAA. This level is ideal for those who are just entering into the healthcare industry as professionals, such as medical students and general staff.

Professional Level HIPAA training

The professional level is more advanced than the beginner level and is suited for those who are already well versed with the basics and want to learn more, or are responsible for setting up practices and procedures for their own organizations to make them HIPAA compliant.

The Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE), Certified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE) and the Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert programs are the advanced professional level courses for leaning in depth about HIPAA.

HIPAA training programs

There are many learning centers and institutes that provide basic and advanced HIPAA training to anyone seeking to gain knowledge on HIPAA and its provisions for the healthcare industry. If physically visiting a learning center is a problem, then the training can also be completed through online programs.

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