Feed the birds in style on handmade wooden bird tables

Posted by AdrianRocker on December 7th, 2014

Every bird lover likes to have something special for the birds. The bird table is something which looks attractive, does not take much space and can be placed in your garden. It provides a real focal point in the garden and a place where the birds know their feed is kept. The handmade wooden bird tables are small raised structures which the birds can easily locate from a distance. The bird tables can be of different styles. People who love to have everything in style opt elegant bird tables. The slate roof bird table is a pretty design with a slanting roof on a high platform for the birds to sit and have their food. It depends upon the choice of people how they want their bird tables to be, but the main objective lies in their love for these lovely winged creatures.

The best thing about handmade wooden bird tables is that it does not require expensive wood to make it. They can be constructed using renewable tantalised pressure treated wood or exterior quality plywood from sustainable source. These wooden materials are obtained from either renewable forests or a wooden piece that is lying in your house without use. The thickness of the wooden plank is quite important, 0.5 to 1 cm being ideal. A cheap piece of solid timber can also become an excellent bird table.

The slate roof bird table is extremely attractive to look at. The slanting roof makes it look unique. Even the birds get attracted to them. After all, birds too have sharp eyes, isn’t it? What makes it different from other bird tables is that they have splits, unevenness, and cracks to make it look natural. They should not be taken as faults; they are made like that so the birds can identify them with the barks and branches of the tree.

There are a few things to be taken care of while getting the handmade wooden bird tables. The best bird table producing companies take care a lot about the safety of the birds. We don’t want the birds to have an ill health after feeding on the table or sitting on it. The colour on the table is stained using an anti-fungal colorant which is safe for the birds. It can also be coated with a selected water-based preservative to prolong its life. These minor things go a long way in keeping the bird table durable and safe.

As the slate roof bird table is made of wood, it has to be taken care of in a special way. Wood is susceptible to moisture, cold weather and sunlight. This can damage the bird table. It is necessary to treat the wood annually with oil-based coating. This prevents the bird table to rot. There is also an option of getting a customised bird table according to your needs and likes, without a compromise in the quality.

Some popular brands even have sale on handmade wooden bird tables and slate roof bird table, so that bird lovers can avail these things at cheap price. Look out for these tempting offers.

Treat your winged friends in special way on handmade wooden bird tables and make it more attractive by converting them into slate roof bird table to give it a rustic look.

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