Place a slate roof bird table in your garden to attract the birds

Posted by AdrianRocker on December 7th, 2014

Animals and birds often get attracted to the feeding bowls and feeding tables. The food comes on the secondary level. Most of the people in UK love to feed birds in their gardens. It is not possible to put their food on the ground or in a bowl. For that bird tables are an excellent option. To make these tables attractive, different styles have emerged in the market. The slate roof bird table has a pyramid shape roof top. It can be seen from a high distance by the birds and they know where their food is placed. Along with making it beautiful, it is also important to take care of the hygiene. The food placed should not only be good in quality but the bird table should also be clean and safe. For that, painted bird tables should be used, which provide a safe base for the food kept for the birds.

The sloping roof top of the slate roof bird table has many advantages. As the roof of the table is covered, the food kept on it is safe from dust. When we are feeding birds, we should take care that the food should be clean, so that the birds don’t get any infection. They are very delicate creatures and we should be extra careful about their food and cleanliness.

As we are discussing about the safety of the birds, the paint that is applied on the table is also extremely important to see. The paint on the table should be carefully chosen. Toxic paints should be strictly avoided as they do a lot of harm to the birds. While purchasing painted bird tables make sure that the company uses water-based latex paints or eco-friendly paints. Never buy lead-based or creosote painted tables that may be toxic to the birds. The bird table can be made weather proof and long lasting with a good coat of paint.

While getting a slate roof bird table, some important things are to be taken under consideration. The first being the size- depending upon the size of your garden, the pole of the bird table and the top should be fixed. Otherwise, it would look extremely awkward. Next comes the style that you want to have for your bird table. Best companies offer many styles at extremely reasonable price. The slanting roof of the bird table does not let the water or snow accumulate on the roof top. Taking in view the various aspects, choose a bird table that would be the jewel of your garden.

Along with the style and size of the bird table, we know colours are equally important. Try to buy tables which do not have bright colours as they might attract predators. During summers, dark colours can attract more heat and the food kept on painted bird tables can get affected, which might be harmful to the birds.

When you buy slate roof bird table during sale, then you might get extremely good deal for your garden and get painted bird tables at reasonably low price.

See your beautiful birds feeding on the slate roof bird table while you know that they are having healthy food on painted bird tables choose the item carefully.

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