Benefits of corporate recognition awards

Posted by jennycooper on December 7th, 2014

Studies show that employees are much more motivated by moral appreciations than by money. This is what managers should take into consideration, if they want to turn their regular company into a successful one. By motivating the employees, managers improve their performance and create social connections that reduce and even eliminate the distance between managers and subordinates and between colleagues on the same hierarchical level.

Corporate recognition awards should be regularly offered to employees and not only to the "employee of the month" or "employee of the year". All the employees of a company should receive at least an award like this within a year, to help them remain dedicated to the company and highly productive. Glass crystal awards should be offered during a ceremony held at a restaurant or in other formal location. Managers and employees alike need to be dressed elegantly to match the event’s level of formality.

In general, corporate recognition awards are offered without additional amounts of money. The only thing that matters is the award. Still, employees need to appreciate more the award’s symbolism than its raw value. They should keep the award for their entire life and not sell it as a second-hand item for its scrap value. Usually, personalized items are difficult to sell, unless they are sold in pieces. But this is not the purpose of a crystal award that should be cherished forever.

The next benefit that glass crystal awards present is that companies do not have to pay taxes for offering such awards to their employees. When companies offer bonuses or increase paychecks, they pay higher taxes. So why pay higher taxes and fail to properly motivate your employees when you can offer them some physical rewards and motivate them much better? An award is something that is designed for a certain employee and that will be preserved for years, not an amount of money that will easily be spent.

The awards offered by a company to its employees should differ from year to year to reach their objective. This objective is the clear motivation of the employees towards obtaining specific results. In other words, employees should not be motivated by the award itself, but by achieving the goals set by the company. If they manage to achieve those goals, then the company will reward them by offering them a trophy, a bonus, a day off or other "prize".

Once again, within a certain period of time, usually a year, all the employees within a company should be somehow rewarded, whether through a trophy, paid vacation, or training program. Internal competition is good, but it should not transform employees into people who hate one another and have as their only purpose the one of winning the title of "The Best Employee of the Year" or "The Most Innovative Employee".

Resource box: Corporate recognition awards are a good way to appreciate employee performance and increase their productivity. These are items that can be personalized to feature each employee's name and position within the company, and also words of thanks from their managers. For a wide range of glass crystal awards, please visit our website.

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