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Posted by SiteTrafficKing on December 8th, 2014

Perhaps the single most important reason a digital marketing campaign requires targeted traffic rather than just a mere flood of visitors are conversions, especially since the ultimate goal of most business websites is in fact to generate sales. Driving just any traffic past your virtual doors will not mean much if they don't convert into leads or sales. Targeted traffic gives you a greater chance of conversions because a targeted visitor is a visitor that is purposely visiting your site seeking the exact information that it supplies. A targeted visitor intends to make a purchase or is at least open to be convinced about the value that your product or service can add. If you are merely doing digital marketing in order to get traffic, without focusing on targeted traffic, your efforts may in fact be in vain.

Quantity is good, but the quality of traffic that is entering your site should be a priority. A site with only a few hits, but just as much conversions is still doing a better job in terms of revenue than a site receiving thousands of hits, but only a smidgen of leads. Targeted website traffic is traffic that is worth receiving, because highly targeted traffic equates to higher conversion rates and in turn, higher sales.

If you want profitable ROI, it is important that you direct targeted traffic into your site—in a way that does not cost too much to acquire. Paid tactics such as SEO and PPC advertising campaigns do generate good amounts of targeted traffic, however, these kinds of strategies do come with a price. Not all traffic that comes from PPC is also guaranteed to convert into sales, which means a great waste of valuable resources. SEO on the other hand, takes between 8-18 months to see results. This is why other less expensive means of buying targeted website traffic have been developed, allowing business owners to get more targeted visitors that are more likely to convert, in a short period of time without spending too much on paid tactics.

In addition to increasing website conversions, targeted website traffic also helps build brand reputation, and increases your chance of repeat sales. As visitors find themselves satisfied with the kind of information you offer as well as the services and products that you provide, they are more likely to go back for a second visit increasing the overall lifetime value of that customer.

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SiteTrafficKing was founded with the fundamental goal of providing affordable and effective advertising strategies to generate high volumes of targeted traffic. Based in San Francisco, SiteTrafficKing helps your business reach its full potential by driving 100% real human, high quality traffic directly to your website at a fraction of the cost of other advertising solutions.

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