Why wont my headache go away

Posted by matthewdavis9179 on December 8th, 2014

Nowadays, headache is one of the most common problems faced by individuals. Due to hectic schedules and long sitting in front of computer screens, most of the people experience pain or ache in their head to a great extent. Regardless of age or gender, every person lives under stressful circumstances whether study related tensions for students or target concerned loads of work for young people. According to the recent researches and surveys done within last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 47 percentage of the world's population have been suffering with severe headache.

If you consider that a proper sleep would reduce your headache, you may get disappointed the very next morning with a question in your mind : why wont my headache go away? It is a point worth to be taken seriously to save yourself from major illness, that may be caused due to headache symptoms. Some sort of headaches, such as migraines, could continue to stay for a long time even more than a day. The never ending headaches that drags for several days can be much frustrating and tiring. But it is necessary to find a way to cope up with a long-lasting headache troubles.

Many people have a dilemma that taking some painkiller tablets would take away their headache. But the very other day they realize that the painkiller just reduces the pain, but never eliminates the source. Assuming that my headache wont go away is not the solution and you are advised to stay positive in this issue. Among the several factors responsible for the occurrence of headache, some of them are Stress, Lack of proper sleep, fatigue, dehydration, allergies including sensitivities and food allergies, noise, vision problem, hormone imbalances, climatic changes, smoking, alcohol, congested sinuses and last but not the least is extreme dependency on pain-relieving drugs.

Not all headaches requires a medical attention, but if you experience weakness with your headache during speaking, walking, loss of consciousness, head injury, stiff neck or fever, then this could be a characteristic of a more serious condition. And in this state, you are highly recommended to speak with your doctor about either any additional treatment is required or everything would go normal after some hours. As some home remedies such as consumption of turmeric can also help you out in reducing headache. For further queries, you can acquire more information about health, fitness, lifestyle and sex through the informative site AHealthyClick.com.

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