How Do Android App Ads Help You Generate Revenue

Posted by Aaeesha on December 8th, 2014

Mobile phones have become much more popular than computers and laptops. As per latest surveys, the sale of smartphones and tablets greatly outnumbered the sale of computers and laptops. The smartphone has actually revolutionized the whole world. The way it has affected the life of people and made it easier is just remarkable. This itself speaks for its popularity among all generations. Smartphones are used by the youth, kids, middle aged, and even the aged. The different features and Apps available on these smartphones help you in all tasks of your day to day life. Creating an App is a good investment for all kinds of businesses. It can help your company a lot in terms of marketing. Monetization is possible by outing in the ads in your Apps. The Android App ads can help you a lot in generating revenue.

Mobile phones run on different platforms. Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry are most common. Just like Android App ads, you can have ads in your Apps on any of these platforms. Most of the ads work on a pay per click, or PPC< format. Whenever the user clicks on the ads while using your App, you get a fair share from the ad company. There are a number of companies that offer you this service. They give you their SDK along with the list of rules for integrating the SDK into your App. Once this is done, your App is ready to start showing ads. You can decide when you want to show the ad, and how your App responds to these ads. The ads can either be banner ads or even video ads.

Most websites have now released their mobile sites as well. Viewing the website on your phone in the resolution of the laptop is not a good experience. Optimizing them offers a better viewing experience for the customers. This is a step in ensuring that customers visit your website on their phones as well. Since the usage of phones is much more than laptops, you can guarantee this will bring you better business too. Ad companies offer ads for mobile sites that run when your website is viewed in its mobile site.

The ads for mobile sites work just like the ads that are seen on the desktop version of websites. The user views the ads, and it is up to him if he wants to go further and click it to know more. Integrating these ads is also very easy. You just need to get the necessary software from the ad company. They will give you step by step instructions for the whole process. Putting in ads is the best way to monetize your website. So go ahead and get some revenue.

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