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Posted by CesarMuler on December 8th, 2014

The koi fish is an extremely pretty looking fish. Koi is an ornamental variety of the domestic common carp. This fish is extremely popular in water gardens and outdoor ponds. If you are looking to buy koi carp, there is good news for you. You can now buy koi fish online without going out of your home.

There are 20 major varieties of koi fish that are available in the market. And apart from these major varieties, there are many more that you also get to buy. In terms of popularity, the top five are perhaps

• Showa Sanke – it is a black koi fish with white and red markings on its body.
• Kohaku – it is a white skinned with large red markings on the top of its body.
• Chagoi – it is a tea colored fish and its color range can be from pale olive green to bronze and copper.
• Taisho Sanke – also known as Taisho Sanshoku, it is similar to kahoku with additional sumi or small black markings.
• Tanchõ – Any koi with one red patch on its head belongs to this variety.

As you can probably find out from the names alone, koi fish is reared in Japan. No, you also find koi fish reared in the UK and the other countries, but they all come from Japan. And if you want to buy koi carp, you must always insist on fish that have been imported from Japan. You think this is difficult when you are located somewhere in the United Kingdom? You will be surprised when you find that there are plenty of sellers in the UK that directly import the fish from Japan for you.

Many people confuse koi with goldfish, but the two types of fish are completely different. Even if you don’t want to get into the scientific differences between the two species of fish, there is one element that will tell you how they differ. Goldfish are mostly kept in aquariums and koi are mostly kept in ponds. Goldfish are also smaller than koi and have more varieties in terms of the shape of their body. Goldfish are also a type of carp and some people tried inter-breeding them. The funny part of this exercise is that the offspring produced are sterile. When you plan to buy koi carp, you must make sure that you don’t end up buying goldfish.

To buy koi fish online, you must look at the biggest sellers in the market. Biggest here doesn’t mean in terms of size only. You want to buy from a seller that has the reputation in the market. This means a seller that imports koi fish from Japan and lets you buy koi fish online. When you buy from a reputed seller, you know you will get the best species of the fish.

You must buy koi carp because these fish are stress busters. And since you can buy koi fish online, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy now and make a difference to your life.

To buy koi carp you don’t need to visit a store. You can now buy koi fish online.

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