The Financial Component of Cancer Treatment

Posted by Southlakeoncology on December 8th, 2014

Fighting cancer can take a lot out of anyone - both physically and emotionally. There is a lot to manage on any given day and it can be all that anyone can do to just navigate their treatment and still go about their normal daily activities. But the financial aspect is another component of cancer treatment and it’s not something that is talked about too readily. But it is something that must be addressed for sure. In fact, many people find that paying for cancer treatment is salt in the wound in the midst of dealing with an already overwhelming and emotional time in their life.

So when it comes to dealing with the financial part of cancer care, make sure that you have all the information you need upfront to make the best decisions for your care.

· Talk to your medical team about costs of treatment and be sure they have a dedicated billing department that can assist you in navigating through the insurance process. This can be very overwhelming for anyone in the best of health. But when you’re fighting a battle for your health and your life, fighting a battle with insurance companies can easily put you right over the edge. Just as you look for a medical team that is committed to accompanying you on your health journey, so too should you insist on an administrative team that is committed to helping you figure out the financial nuances of cancer care.

· Assign a family member or caregiver to manage the task. Of course, finances should not be your priority when you’re undergoing cancer treatment. So while they must still be addressed, assign someone you love and trust to manage the particulars. If you have a supportive spouse who can take over this part of the process, that can free you up to concentrate on the most important matters at hand.

· Take the time to understand your rights. You are afforded certain legal rights under the law in terms of your care. It is important to understand these laws and how they impact your ability to receive the care you deserve. If you find yourself struggling with the legality and the finances of your treatment, it may be worth consulting an attorney to help you understand your rights.

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