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Posted by MichealH Alexander on February 6th, 2021

We buy apple developer account, we only need to buy the enterprise type, the annual apple fee of enterprise type is 299usd, which is not individual type apple developer account and company type apple developer account.

All Apple developer accounts have apple ids, apple Id is the identity system which apple use to service all their products including iWORK, iTunesSstore and App Store, etc. As an account combining full functions , apple ID can be allowed to visit all apple resource. Because one Apple ID can be used to be provided multiple products and services by apple, it can be called apple account, MobileMe account, Mac account, iTunesStore account and iChat account. Apple ID can execute all the operations including iCloud, downloading apps in App Store, purchasing songs, movies and television programs in iTunesStore. Apple ID adopts one Email and password, you will need to use apple id&password to login the developer account, if we buy apple developer account from you, you only need to give us the apple ID access. Buy Apple Developer Enterprise Account

In general, Apple ID is username that apple users use to login, the more function is to complete the identity authentication. We will need to you assist us when we buy account from you. Users can use MacBook, iPhone or Ipad to use the apple ID to identify them self, can also use it to get the needed information from Apple’s data. When we login the apple id of developer account, it can show account owner name, for developer account, you can only change email, but the name and other information will be same, that’s also apple’s policy to secure our account, if you want to change the name there, you need to contact apple, we don’t change the name, if you give our your account, we will use the original name, make sure that the account can be always in regular status.

Now Apple requires that all types apple developer account must turn on two factor authentication, you need an IOS device to do it, it is safer than security questions & answers, if you have not turned it on, you can not access your developer account, if we are going to buy apple developer account from you , we will help you to turn on the two factor authentication, before you agree to give the account to us , the owner control is always yours , you have the email, password, previous security questions and answers, and trusted number. Apple Developer Login

Before you enroll the account , no matter individual, company or enterprise , you can be free to ask us for guide, we know the process of these 3 accounts application, we will not charge for the guide, in the opposite , we will tell you what to do step by step.

We buy apple developer account (enterprise type) fro long-term, Please click homepage to learn more. Please just be free to contact us if you are interested.

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