Bulk Ink Solution For Printing Needs Of Your Small Business

Posted by niteindustrial on December 10th, 2014

If you own a small business, you need to ensure bulk printing solutions to meet deluge of printing demands as often required by small business firms. Whether it is to meet needs of an internet café or small scale business unit where the job of printing is an everyday task, you cannot ignore the significance of bulk printing.

Today, you will find the market inundated with a number of bulk ink systems that promise to meet any magnitude of printing needs with maximum efficiency and within very short time. Names of a few units include the Mutoh bulk ink system, Epson bulk ink system, and so on. At this point, it seems justifiable to mention about Nite Industrial Co., Ltd, heralded as a renowned Epson bulk ink system manufacturer in Korea. The company has earned its status for providing absolute solution to the realm of digital printing consistently year after year. Owing to its high-quality and cost-saving range of products, it is feasible to come out with products that help to meet varied demands of the market, especially of small business firms.

Herein, we bring you inevitable features of bulk ink units, so that you realize how these units are highly efficient in meeting huge demands of small businesses:

Features of Bulk Ink Units

  • Aids in continuous delivery of ink to meet volumes of needs
  • Such units are specially designed to make them compatible with mild solvent, direct textile printers, dye sublimation, and so on
  • Mutoh bulk unit consists of three types- combined types, bottle types and ink pouch types
  • Whether the unit uses bottles, or pouches or cartridges; they are conveniently installed on top of the printer.
  • These units are easy to use and highly reliable
  • Also, these units can run in single, as well as dual modes
  • They come with integrated chip emulator
  • The biggest advantage of these units is they are ecological, which means that they help to reduce cartridges plastic waste.
  • Helps to reduce costing of printing for small businesses since printing is done in bulk
  • The printers are meant for volume oriented and speed intensive users

It is to inform you that these printers are updated at regular interval with new features and techniques to ensure that they meet demands of customers. When your business requires huge printing needs, it should also have drying systems to invite good printing needs. Now, when you have bulk printing going on, you have to ensure that the prints are dried in time to make them saleable. Now, it is impossible to spread the printing forms under the sun or a ceiling fan to let them dry. What you need is a digital printing dryer that can do the job without any hassle and also in a very short span of time.

Thus, with bulk printing units and printing dryers; it is feasible to bring impetus to your business and ensure fast production meticulously and seamlessly. Thus, in long-term your business meets huge demands with large profit scale.

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