Tips to self improvement: Small Steps Towards The Ideal

Posted by LouisWillis on February 6th, 2021

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If you are interested in the cost of issuing a general power of attorney, you can find all the information you need. I often wonder why some people don't stop there and are constantly in the process of self-improvement, while others follow the flow and wait for chance.

Tips to self improvement: How to improve professional manner

From tips to self improvement In the Self improvement Books, we understand that a person's self-development is a process of intentional, planned and conscious actions about himself, including the self-development of his own knowledge, qualities, skills, abilities and competence in general, which makes it possible to increase efficiency in professional activity. Self-development can be broken down into several components:

Personal development;

Intellectual development;

Professional development;

Physical development.

If they remember professional development, then only if a person's skill level has not changed slightly, but has increased by an order of magnitude.

Professional self-development is not a mass phenomenon, as not everyone has the qualities necessary for constant and hard work. Only those individuals who have several qualities can boast of self-development:

Understand the fundamentals of self-development;

Motivation to solve professional problems and achieve high results;

The capacity for self-development.

External factors also affect the effectiveness of self-development:

Creation of social and psychological conditions within the company's corporate culture;

Presence of development conditions;

Access to information and degree of preparedness to work with it.

As you can see, a necessary condition for self-development is the presence of:

Internal motivation;

Self-development skills.

I would like to emphasize that there is no self-development without the desire to carry out your tasks more efficiently and efficiently. Therefore, the litmus test of a person who wants to engage in self-development will be his attitude towards his work.

You can determine the level of professional self-development as follows. If internal motives are the dominant factors for self-development, then that person will aim for self-development; if there are no internal reasons, then we can safely say that there is no motivation for a person's self-development.

Motives and internal motivation cannot be sucked out of the thumb - this is a long and rather complicated process. The presence of this type of motivation in a person will allow him to achieve success independently in the transformation process.

Human development occurs due to the various types of its activities and communication with other people. But this happens more quickly when professional activity is complemented by systematic self-development. Of course, as with motivation, self-development is not present at all, but the capacity for self-development can be created and developed quickly.

Skills needed for self-development:

Observe failures and self-restraints;

Analysis of your own work;

Constructive criticism of its activities.

If you ignore self-development, you will have to follow the path of natural maturation, which cannot guarantee an effective result. If the person has motivation and the capacity for self-development, this indicates that the person has already matured and does not need external supervision for his professional growth. He is able to make efforts independently to realize his internal potential and achieve the appropriate results.

personal development

A competent person, based on the defined tasks, knows how to prioritize correctly and choose the right development path. Tasks can be real and unrealistic. Let's imagine that a person is in the fifth career step. It is only logical that he plans to move to sixth position or, with super-efforts, immediately to seventh. If a person who is in the fifth stage plans to move immediately to the tenth stage, it indicates wrong actions. That person does not understand your capabilities. A wrong assessment of the available qualities will lead to stress, not success and professionalism.

Necessary conditions for self-improvement:

Most people think that special conditions are not necessary for self-development. This is a mistake! We need special conditions and some resources. The most important conditions include groups of cultural and personality conditions.

Organizational culture can stimulate and assist a person in self-development or it can be an obstacle. The first can be attributed to a culture focused on creativity and creativity, and the second - the bureaucratic apparatus.

Leadership can be an example of an innovator or a cautious conservative. The mood in the team will depend on it. If a manager is interested in attracting employees to discuss production problems, he supports those who are proactive and in all their appearance shows that he wants to involve the team in solving the assigned tasks, is not against constructive criticism and is not afraid to take risks, then a good opportunity for self-development is created.

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