Coast Guard Challenge Coins are Identity Marks

Posted by dunitzsantrino on December 10th, 2014

Standing as the mark of identity and prestige, the challenge coins are meant to keep the coast guards aware of their position. On getting lost, these challenge coins help others identify the officer and assist him in returning back to the official place. This is the reason that a coast guard challenge coins are highly important for them. Why they are given and what significance they hold? The challenge coins are types of medallions presented by the head of departments to their junior for making an achievement in the duration of their service. This also signifies the valor and strength prevalent among officers in the coast guard field.

Prevalent from the time of World War 1, these coast guard challenge coins are given in lieu of performing efficiently during a term of service. Made up of silver, bronze and copper, these coins are also provided as per the position of a coast guard officer. Indeed, the Blue Star challenge coin is given a any coast guard; while US coast guard Brat has a separate design and colored stripes of US national flag. On the other hand, the Chip holder in US Coast guard has a challenge coin with image of dice. Another noticeable challenge coin for coast guard office is that of the retired one that bears the symbol of the falcon with US flag on one side and US flag stripes as well as crossed anchors on the other side.

What makes it so different is that the spouse of coast guard also has challenge coins to prove their identity as and when required. The medallions given to them bears crossed anchors and US flag stripes on one side; while, the back side has a phrase inscribed. Now, the question is that of its availability. There are many companies that work towards providing custom challenge coins. As a part of this service, specially designed coins or medallions are built as per the request of the clients. This makes it possible for the person to get some special design or quote inscribed on the medallion.

On willing to order custom challenge coins, there are companies that have a web presence. Every company has some or the other uniqueness and pays lots of attention towards perfection. This is the reason it is always better to go for online companies as one can find a lot of companies, compare their service charges and get the best deal possible towards designing challenge coins. Being the perfect way to establish a special identity, these challenge coins are presented and have to be shown as required.

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