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Posted by John Smith on December 11th, 2014

Flying has always fascinated the man, for ages he tried to invent the airplanes, then once he made it, he made a mark out of it and tried to impress the world with its piloting skills, somersaults and air-shows. The airplanes have proven their worth when they were used for commercial purposes, not only cargo and travel but in advertising too. The messages for the targeted audience through aerial display have been winning the hearts of many since past 60 years.

The airplane advertising has many variants and different areas of interest by the advertising industry. The chief objective after this is to let your business emblem or motto be seen and retain information by thousands of budding clientele. The advertisement are carried on a banner in the aerial messages. The technology improvised the limitation that aerial advertising had for the presence of daylight has been removed. The cloth or flex banners have been exchanged with digital displays.

The aerial banners give a long lasting memory than the television, radio or newspaper advertisement. These ad are focussed for a specific group of people or for direct reach to its target audience. Aerial advertising has become a viral these days as it could be used for various local products, entertainment programs, and since its display is such the people will always talk about it so it solves the whole purpose of advertising via mouth publicity too. Since a small airplane or a helicopter can fly from horizon to horizon the plane advertising could be done near flocking areas such as rock concerts, parks, beaches, fests and fairs, and traffic areas too.

The banners could be of various types such as billboards, banners, matrix formation of letters, smoke messages etc. These messages stay in the atmosphere for at least ten minutes, providing a better deliver time. If the flight is made for multiple times to and fro the advertisements shall be imprinted on the minds of the people for a longer time. This is entirely different from billboard advertising as flying banners are attached to the tails of the gigantic machines and the results are better if the pilot takes a circle around for a longer time. The viewers remember the airplane banner more than any other advertisement they watch on TVs.

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