Tips for Planning an Event with a Motivational Speaker

Posted by joelpenton on December 11th, 2014

Assemblies and motivational events should always be carefully planned so that you can maximize time during the event and make sure that everything you need is in place—from the venue to the speaker. If you are running out of ideas to make your school assembly more interesting than the last, you can consult teaching resources online or seek the help of professional motivational speakers that specialize in school assemblies. Experienced motivational speakers are not only skilled in creating and delivering inspirational speakers, but also in incorporating different activities in between their speeches that will help create more impact on the audience. Interactive assembles are always fun to attend, instead of boring lectures that children tolerate at best and sleep through at worst.

When hiring a motivational speaker, know what kind of value they can add to your event. There are several types of guest speakers, some of which have overlapping skills. Finding someone with just the right balance of humor, motivational power, success, and skill is the best fit for most assemblies. The following are the most general types of guest speakers you will encounter as you set out on your search:

  • The humorist – This type of speaker is someone who is very skilled at mixing humor along with a message. A skilled humorist can seamlessly blend humor into their message, stories, and relevant points to keep the audience entertained while listening.
  • The celebrity – Celebrity speakers are very common and they are able to use their popularity not only to draw the audience in, but also command their attention. These speakers often charge the highest fees, banking on their fame, but they vary widely in terms of speaking skills.
  • The motivator – Good motivational speakers can provide inspiring and uplifting programs that are usually built around powerful stories—often their own. Motivational speakers will also often use humor, although not to the extent that your typical humorist would.
  • The industry expert – Industry experts are great to seek out when you need someone to talk about a specific topic. While they may not be as entertaining or motivational as other types of speakers, you can expect great value from their knowledge of the very topic they are talking about. Still, some industry experts are very talented motivators and humorists.
  • The perfect fit – The perfect motivational speaker for an event is someone that has all the qualities you could possibly want in a speaker—from humor to substance, expertise, name, and entertainment. These are speakers who have the talent, the experience, the background, and the versatility that makes them a great fit for most any kind of speaking engagement.

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