Serviced office rental- ideal solution for short-term and small companies

Posted by ServicedOfficesAsia on December 11th, 2014

Shared office is the  best alternative, especially for those companies who need commercial space for an interim period. It is also the best options for starting up a new company,  need temporary space for a particular business project or  for an interim period of shifting offices. These types of commercial spaces come with all the facilities and  amenities that  are needed  to operate a business smoothly. They are fully furnished and include facilities like essential office  machines, high speed internet, business telephone system,  conference/ meeting equipment, WiFi,  professional staff, LAN cabling and much more.  

Read on to learn about the various  advantages that you will get by renting a short term office space.

Save money

Renting a serviced office is a pocket-friendly alternative when compared with purchasing a commercial property or other traditional renting options.  This option can save your a lot of money as you do not have to expend money on buying furniture, essential business  equipment and all the facilities needed to run an organization smoothly. In addition, serviced office rent include all the hidden costs that you would normally expect to pay in your own company and traditional rental options- like water bill, electricity bill, cleaning, stamp duties, broadband internet services, plant & building maintenance.  

Offer flexibility

It also allows you to be flexible. Purchasing a commercial  space is completely a waste of money, if you are planning to relocate your company to another place after some period of time.  Renting a serviced office allows you to easily relocate your business to another place  whenever you want.

Get the best location for business operation

Most of the serviced offices are, usually located close to all the major transportation and business hubs. So, you can ensure that  you are going to lease the best space for your business.

Improve your networking

A shared office also allows  you to improve your contacts and networking skills by  communicating  with companies located  next door. You can create  professional network and contacts with companies  located under one roof.


Additional facilities

Renting shared office also provide training room, conference room, meeting room, kitchen, cafeteria, reception area and lounge to relax. You do not need to pay additional costs for utilizing these spaces. 

Choosing a shared office for rent will  definitely a wise decision for small or short-term businesses. However, all  shared offices are not offering the same level of services and facilities.  So, make a decision  wisely and choose a space that perfectly  meets your  business requirements.

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