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Posted by aonetech on December 11th, 2014

To put it simple, any object that contains parts requires precision machining. All those large and small objects that we use in our daily life come from precision engineering. Precision machining technology reaches into almost every industry from aircrafts to custom automotive tools. It is through this precision shapes that cold forging parts are manufactured. Customer requirements in industries across the globe vary from industry to industry. In-line with these trends and requirements for machined forgings, cnc auto lathe manufacturer in Korea has realized the need to manufacture sustainable global standard precision machining and cold forging parts.

They produce the following technologically high standard products with a commitment to continued innovation to make each of their customers satisfied with their order.

Special bolts and nuts

SUS processed products

Caps and bushings

Shaft and Lead screw

EYE end


Hydraulic nipples &

Small cables   

In view of increased traffic congestion in every nook and corner of the globe small cars are the most used conveyance in these days.   Small car cable manufacturer in Korea is the certified manufacturer of small car cables. They have the most of experienced team with whose expertise they have been manufacturing these car cables for the last 30 years, which are smartly used by companies like Samsung INFAC and Taeyang Metal Industries etc. They suit all types of cars that give unbeatable durability.

Among the most prospective and ever growing industries in the world, construction industry indisputably occupies the lead position. Stainless steel hydraulic nipple manufacturer in Korea is a company of repute that has been manufacturing quality stainless steel hydraulic nipples for the last over 30 years. It is a leading and trusted, and certified industry that has the capability and technological expertise to manufacture all types of nipples that are widely used in construction industry. They have a trained and skilled professional team with lots of commitment to deliver the quality and on time. They use quality steel and stainless steel to manufacture these nipples to meet the requirements of all industrial standards. It is an A one ISO 9001 certified suppliers of hydraulic nipples.

They have an excellent quality awareness programme at the core of their commitment to give the best quality in their products. They understand that failure risk exists broadly in three categories namely, internal failure, external failure and hidden cost. Therefore, they attach lots of value on the basics of manufacturing to maintain high quality in their products. All their members from management to work force know exactly what quality is, and never budge from giving their best ability in what they do to give the end product with indisputable quality. It is perhaps this reason alone that has made this company earn an envious global reputation in precision machining tools and products. People interested to know more about this company can log on and take a tour to ascertain further information on the company and on their products.

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