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Posted by AdrianRocker on December 11th, 2014

Ale is a type of beer brewed from barley which is malted using a warm fermentation method. Brewers add a type of yeast called brewer’s yeast for its distinct taste and fruity flavour. In order to complement the sweetness hops are added to bring a tinge of herbal bitterness to the drink. You will get real ales Exeter aplenty when you visit the British Isles. The history of real ale dates back many centuries. It started as a homely drink and has now become an intrinsic part of British cuisine and culture. Pub in Exeter will let you experience both true ales and the typical ambience of a country pub.

Ale is dissimilar from other beer as it is used to refer to pale ale, brown ale, golden ale, Indian pale ale and so on and not just broadly referred as beer. The process in which barley is treated before fermenting and the quantity of hop added gives each variety of ale its particular character. You will get real ales Exeter in its original form directly served from casks and they are unpasteurised. When you visit any pub in Exeter you have the option of tasting ales in many varieties. These are sometimes directly from brewers tap connected to the authentic brewery or part of the brewery itself.

A pub is an open public house where drinks are sold and served. Earlier these were like travellers rest houses and centres for the entire village community to meet and discuss both important and trivial issues. There are still quite a few vintage pubs in and around English countryside. Even a new pub in Exeter tries to emulate the structure and character of these rural pubs. Real ales Exeter feature noticeably in the bar list of most country pubs. You can visit any pub to get a taste and feel of cask ale along with other drinks like lager beer. 

But today, to sustain their business, most pubs are more of a place where you can sit down for lunch and dinner along with drinks with your family and friends. Till some years ago any pub in Exeter was the haunt only of men but not anymore. They even have features to be child friendly like a play zone or small park attached. Theme pubs are very popular in England like bikers’ pub, rock pub, and Sunday league pub for soccer fans. You can have real ales Exeter with snacks like sandwiches, pickled eggs, pork scratchings or salted peanuts.

Any reputed pub in Exeter has facilities for entertainment for the whole family like skittle alley or dart board. You can book these for family gatherings or small parties. Along with real ales Exeter pubs will serve excellent quality food. Since these are family establishments you will get home cooked food. The menu includes items catering to varied tastes. Ham, egg and chips; beer battered cod; chicken curry with steamed rice; Mediterranean lasagna; pies and fish cakes are some of the dishes commonly served. You can book your table for Sunday lunches, Christmas lunches or corporate and official parties. Whenever you go you will always have a great time in a country pub.

Enjoy real ales Exeter with your gang of friends in any exclusive pub. To get the feel of authentic country pub in Exeter visit one of the vintage establishments.

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