How to prepare your home during the time of Corona Virus?

Posted by Heather Homes on February 6th, 2021

News about a new and deadly Corona virus is everywhere and there is a need to know about this virus, its effects and also how to keep your home and family protected from the infection.

WHO had tagged the virus as pandemic after the outbreak worsened with a total number of infected people around the world to be 330,000and causalities to be 14,923.People infected in India are growing alarmingly as well with the number of confirmed cases to be 415 as on 22nd March.

As new cases keep showing up at an alarming rate from different places, it is always better to be prepared for a wider spread. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also advised people to be prepared and not to panic.

By following some precautionary measures, you can keep your home and family safe during these emergency situations.

Planning Ahead

Start by talking to family members and neighbors about how to cope, with the situation. Discuss with your neighbors about the resources available nearby such as food and other house hold supplies and where to get them when necessary.

Create an emergency contact list that you and your family can use in the case of any emergency, for an instance you need access to car pool drivers, health care services, information, support and other resources.


A clean home is a healthy home.

Hands are often responsible for transferring virus from one place to another, so items that people often touch are at great risk of being contaminated.

Frequently touched items may include TV remotes, door handles, kitchen cupboards, kitchen surfaces and taps and fridge doors. And there are other devices such as phones and iPads – but these may not be shared or touched by others frequently.

There are many options for what to use to clean, which include paper towels, cloths or disposable wipes.How you clean is also important. You don’t want to “re-contaminate” surfaces while cleaning. Working from one side of a surface to the other helps with this that is using an “S” shape to clean.

Food and Meds supply

The reason to stock up is not to think of a situation of shortage of supplies but to maintain social distancing to avoid crowded areas in order to avoid the spreading of virus.Keep a stock of regularly used meds such as for BP, diabetes, common cold and some fever reducing meds such as ibuprofen, paracetamol and over-the-counter pain relievers.

Think about stocking up non-perishable foods which will carry you through for around 2 weeks’ time. Also go with some hydrating drinks and some crackers, snacks or other food items that can be frozen which will help you keep going for a couple of days more.

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