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Industries that deal with hard metals highly depend on cutting, milling and boring tools; and their production efficiency is often governed by the quality and precision of the cutters, millers or borers used in the production process. So, in order to ensure the best production capacity of these plants, it is important to use only the best quality cutters and millers that can work with maximum efficiency and precision. In this aspect, relying on products manufactured by the prominent brands is always suggested. The key reason for this is that, it is only the renowned and established brands that can ensure the best quality of the tools supplied. The prominent companies take all the pain to acquire the best quality raw materials as well as to ensure a perfect production process so that the produced tools are of the highest quality.  SJ TOOLS is a leading hard metal miler and cutter manufacturer in Korea on which you can depend for any type of hard metal cutting or boring needs.

Cutting tools from SJ

SJ TOOLS owns an extended production line which includes milling cutters, drills, and cermet reamers of the highest quality. The company specializes in producing ultra-fine endmills that can work efficiently even on the highly hardened materials. End mills are actually a type of milling cutter used in the industry. Though it has similarities with the drill, but it is distinguished by its application, manufacturing process and geometry. A drill is capable to cut only in the axial direction, but a milling cutter can generally cut in all the directionsApart from theend mill other special cutting tool for cutting carbide grade material, structural shape and other differentiated products are also available from the brand. These tools are post-treated in the production house of SJ in order to offer them with the maximum precision and durability.

Cermet Reamers from the brand

SJ TOOLS is also a leading cermet reamer manufacturer in korea. The SJ reamers are produced with steep quality management, measurement and inspection at every stage of production process. The reamers from SJenjoy a reputation across the globe due to their high tolerance and precision which ensures the best perfection in boring holes. The cermet reamers are used specifically for difficult to cut materials such as heat treated steel and soft casting. The cermet reamers from SJ come with good illumination and they are available at a very reasonable price.  

The SJ specialty

The company owns its own production capacity and can serve even the big orders with maximum efficiency. Only the best quality raw materials are collected from reliable sources after conducting thorough checking and testing for making the tools. The products are also checked rigorously at different stages of production in order to ensure that the products are able to meet the best standards.SJ offers these tools in various specifications and they also serve the customization needs of clients. So, irrespective of the particular type of cutter, miller, drill or reamer you need, you can always have the one as per your specifications from the house of SJ TOOLS.  

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