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Posted by syteccoltd on December 12th, 2014

Korean companies manufacture top-grade automotive parts that are valued throughout the world. SY TEC CO. Ltd. is one such leading automotive parts manufacturer in Korea whose products are acclaimed across the globe for their impressive engineering and superior quality. This manufacturer enjoys a technological edge, courtesy its dedicated research and development facility and prestigious collaborations with the leaders and pioneers of the automobile sector. As a pathfinder in the industry, this company responds sensitively to the rapid and drastic changes in the business environments. It gears all its actions towards meeting the stringent norms and benchmarks that are important and significant. As a manufacturing group, this company has been at the forefront of new innovations. It intends to increase its focus on innovation in technologies and products, optimizing efficiencies, and bettering organizational structure.

Sy Tec excels in manufacturing world-class dowel pin and lock pin. Dowels are solid pins that are normally precision ground for narrowing limits in order to permit accurate fitting. A precision dowel pin is conventionally used for holding parts together in a fixed alignment depending on the compactness of the fit to remain in place. However, there are some applications for solid pins that need transition fits or clearance on at least one of the parts to be fastened.

One of Sy Tec’s products that are most in demand is the superior quality wire bending jig. The age of trying to shape a wire with pliers is gone. Now is the era of using a wire bending jig that helps in bending wires of varying diameters to different shapes. These jigs are ideal for making pegboard hooks, custom tool holders, and many other customized items. Those who have ever attempted to shape wires with pliers will be amazed at how useful a wire bending jig can be.

Over the years, Sy Tec has been striving to be the best in the industry with thorough know-how and advanced technology. Where “SY” stands for “Vision and CI”, “S” symbolizing pipe bending and “Y” epitomizing description of the challenge to the world, the company endeavors to become a global entity that guarantees the highest quality. This reputed automotive parts manufacturer in Korea values the customers’ time and strictly observes stringent deadlines. Facing challenges and innovating futuristic products being its strongest points, the company promises sincere and honest services that satisfy clients. It has been investing in the creation of world-class capacities and capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities in order to provide its valuable customers with the best possible products. Superior product quality and complete customer satisfaction is what this manufacturer aims at. Its products such as nipple, heater nipple, water pump nipple, fuel tank pipe, cargo ring, dowel pin, medical tool parts, wheelchair parts, LPG connector, hanger, aerospace parts, lock pin, oilgage tube, lashing eye, bending jig for hose, pipe assembly, piping for oil, and wire bending jig satisfy international standards and speak for themselves. The high quality product range developed by Sy Tec has customers all across the globe. The company continuously strives to improve and innovate. 

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