How Coleus Forskohlii Can Help Heal Your Heart Ailments?

Posted by live4lifehealth on December 12th, 2014

Coleus Forskohlii (CF) has been used for centuries as a heart tonic, treating everything from high blood pressure to chest pain and many other cardiovascular diseases. Used since ages, the herb has resurfaced recently as now, it is also backed by research and evidence instead of mere historical reference for which proofs are hard to derive. Let us examine why it really works and how and people can take heal their heart troubles by using it.

The functioning of Elements

The most important compound in coleus forskohlii is forskolin, found in the roots of the plant. Forskolin is effective because it stimulates acetylate cyclase in the thyroid membranes. This is turn increases cyclic adenosine monophosphate production (cAMP) in cells. While the terms sound technical, the process is not all that difficult to understand. Basically, cAMP relaxes blood vessels and smoothens muscle contractions, like those in your heart. This allows for better blood flow and stronger, healthier heart function. Additionally, more cAMP increases ATP, which is a great source of energy for the body and aids in healthy blood circulation through the heart. Thus, the overall energy levels in the body improve, which lead to an active heart functioning.

Clinical Research and Evidence

There are numerous clinical studies with both animal and human subjects that support forskolin’s heart-improvement properties.

In a study conducted on the effect of forskolin on subjects with heart condition, patients with dilated cardiomyopathy were given a certain dosage of forskolin because of which they experienced improved heart strength and decreased vascular resistance.

Another study found that forskolin was significantly able to reduce diastolic blood pressure and also improved heart function among subjects. The subjects experienced no negative side effects, which is especially good.

In a somewhat related study, researchers figured that forskolin also increases and strengthens the supply of blood to the brain, which can be useful for individuals who have suffered a stroke or simply have insufficient cerebral blood flow.

Recommended Dosage

With the growing popularity of the herb, pharmacies and manufacturers are trying to take advantage of the hype by jumping at the chance to sell coleus forskohlii that is specifically aimed at improving heart health. Be aware that there is no specific variety of the herb for a particular health function. The supplement made using the pure herb, when used in prescribed quantities, automatically betters heart health including other benefits it has.

All you really need to ensure is that the coleus forskolin you get is a standardized one. About 25 milligrams of daily dose are enough to reap the benefits. Check out our top-five reviewed coleus products to find the one that fits your budget and dosage needs.

The lack of adverse side effects and natural, vegetarian nature of coleus means any one can take it without any cause of concerns. Although it is good if consult your physician regarding your heart related concern and discuss the prescribed dosage for your problem.

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