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Posted by neobcoltd on December 12th, 2014

A perfect oral hygiene can ensure a beautiful smile and problem free gum for the whole of your life time, and maintaining a proper oral hygiene is not anything difficult either. However, the rate of people of different ages suffering from gum issues is increasing rapidly, one reason of which is the improper ways and timing of brushing. The toothbrush plays a very important role in cleaning the mouth properly and in order to be able to get a perfectly clean mouth it is important that your brush has certain features like high flexibility, movable head and high quality soft bristles, so that they can serve the purpose in the most effective way. Though there are many toothbrush brands in the market, but hardly any of them has come up with products that can actually serve the best purpose of mouth cleaning. In order to fill this gap NeoB Co., Ltd. has launched their range of periodontal disease toothbrushes that come with unique features to support the best mouth cleaning.


NeoB is a leading oral care toothbrush manufacturer in Korea. The product range from the brand includes tooth brushes with moving head, adjustable neck angle, and elastic rubber on the hands for controlling pressure. The bristles of these brushes can be simply parted from their head, which enables a better working as well as better cleaning of the brush itself. The company owns patent for the particular type of toothbrush they produce and they have been able to offer people with the most optimal choice for prevention and management of gum diseases as well as management of dental implants.

The product range

NeoB Co., Ltd. has three production lines; the two bristle lines, the three bristle lines and the multiple bristle lines. The two bristle lines functional toothbrush are produced particularly for management of serious gum problems. These brushes have a double extrusion structure and are made up of environment friendly elastic material. They come with a grasp design to support the Bass method. The adjustable neck of the brush makes it simple to fit the molar bending and cleans even the furthest corners in the most effective way. The three bristle lines are aimed towards serving people with light gum problems. Products of this range also include features like movable head, adjustable neck and grasp design. The multiple bristle lines toothbrushes come with soft bristles and they can be ideal as a preventive measure for any kind of gum problems or oral hygiene related issues.

NeoB specialty

NeoB owns an ISO certified production set up which enables them to manufacture toothbrushes with best quality and accurate specifications. The brand relies strongly on vigorous R&D and the clinical experience of practicing dentists in order to come up with the most effective toothbrush designs that can give people a perfect oral health and a beautiful smile. This prominent toothbrush manufacturer in korea also supplies toothbrushes at a wholesale rate. So, if you are worried about the oral health of your family, do not compromise with your toothbrush and ask for a NeoB toothbrush today.  

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