criminal laws in Singapore and what you should know about them

Posted by vendelajar on December 13th, 2014

Not only in Singapore but everywhere else, criminal laws are generally tough in nature and carry harsh punishments for the guilty. Criminal laws are designed to punish those who are responsible for disturbing the peace in society and causing intentional harm to another person or entity. Another reason why a criminal law in Singapore can seem tough is because the intention is not only to punish but to deter others from indulging in any kind of criminal activities.

Criminal Law Vs Civil Law


If someone is arrested under a criminal law in Singapore, then the case if filed against that person by the state itself. This makes it different from civil cases where the judgment decides the winning and losing side. Here the matter is more serious as the verdict of the case affects only the accused, who, can either end up in jail or get acquitted.

Corporal and Capital Punishment


In Singapore, both corporal and capital forms of punishments are used as and when necessary. Corporal punishment is given in the form of caning to offenders found guilty of littering, causing harm to the environment and even selling chewing gum. Capital punishment is given for much serious offences such as drug trafficking.

Laws for other offences


General offences such as homicide, cheating and theft, and the punishments for such offences are mentioned in the Penal Code of Singapore Law. Then there are special statutes for offences such as possession of illegal arms, kidnapping, misuse of drugs and vandalism.

Knowledge of Criminal Laws in Singapore by Residents and Visitors


As a resident or citizen of Singapore, you should be aware of at least the most commonly practiced criminal laws in the country. This is important not only as a citizen but also because this knowledge will help you protect yourself getting arrested. You should be aware of what all things are permitted under law and those which are not.

If you are visiting Singapore for a temporary stay, either as a tourist or for business, then it becomes all the more important to be aware of the criminal laws in this country. Criminal laws in Singapore are one of the toughest in the world, and visitors should have information. Sometimes unsuspecting outsiders find themselves in trouble simply due to them being caught totally unaware doing something that might be trivial in other countries but not in Singapore.

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