7 tips on how not to host a website on an inappropriate hosting

Posted by Star on February 7th, 2021

7 tips on how not to host a website on an inappropriate hosting

I'm sure you understand that hosting companies do business and this business should be profitable. Naturally, there are unfair methods of making a profit. Therefore, you, as the owner of the site (s), need to take some measures to ensure complete security, before buying a hosting service.

Here are 7 ways to protect you from bad hosting-

1. Register the domain separately from the hosting!

If a Web Hosting Canada company offers a free domain, it does not mean that you should register domains only with it. Personally, I keep my domains separate from hosting at a major registrar. By doing so, I can change the domain's DNS at any time and avoid being blocked by the hosting.

2. Test the support service before purchasing

Hosting technical support can be your savior or your killer. Many hosting companies provide online chat(24/7) support. I advise you to communicate at least once before buying. Ask questions Hosting to understand the quality of services and choose only those who give satisfactory answers.

3. Pay only by debit card or via PayPal

In principle, the advice may sound different, do not pay with a credit card! A debit card (often a salary card) allows you to manage funds only within the available balance on the account to which it is linked. Unlike credit cards, debit cards cannot be credited with bank money. If you paid with a credit card for Hosting Australia, then this fraud becomes possible, since your bank provides a loan. The solution to this problem will only be to refuse this credit card.

Always use secure methods, i.e. debit card or PayPal. If the hosting company turns out to be bad, then you can easily stop withdrawing money.

4. Learn the basics of hosting

In order not to be deceived by the Cheap Reseller Hosting UK staff, you need to know the basics of hosting. At the very least, you should understand the difference between the types of hosting, the pros and cons of different operating systems, and also know the definition of traffic.

5. Avoid hosting companies with black IP addresses

Does your favorite hosting service allow you to conduct spam activities? Is your site located on the same server as a porn site? Can your hosting provider be in the Spam block list? There are hosting companies that don't care what customers do as long as they pay. Sharing an IP with the same spammers won't do you any good. Just imagine that your emails to customers and visitors come only to the Spam folder.

6. Check your hosting's spam policy

Once again, we repeat. It is very important to avoid your site being hosted by spam. Checking the Block List is not enough. A hosting company that is not currently blacklisted may end up there in the future. Just in case, check the spam policy in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Serious hosting companies, clearly indicate the fight against spam.

7. Know how long the trial period is offered

It is very important to buy services only from the hosting company that offers a sufficiently long trial period. Then you have enough time to check the servers without the risk of losing money.

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