Fun Frolic Rules of the Military Challenge Coins

Posted by dunitzsantrino on December 15th, 2014

Although there exists humungous celebrated coin traditions but the lineage of Military Challenge Coinsis to the credit of United States Armed Forces. Having evolved as the symbol of prosperity, unity, pride, reminiscent of the eminent battles fought, the coin seems to have descended a new dimension of its relevance in today’s outlook. A symbol of pride and unit identification that it is, the coin ventures to be the new game changer of present day’s trade market. None the less, with changing times, the coin has even stepped into the new shoes of paying homage to the dignitaries and accelerating diplomatic relationships between countries.

However, the crux to spun unity among colleagues still survives after years of its existence. This fact is well evitable through the newly devised innumerable fun filled rules relating to it.

Protocols of the Military Challenge Coins

The Military Challenge Coins are also popularly addressed as commander’s coins, unit coins, military coins and by a variety of names. The reason behind calling them so lies in the below mentioned self-devised military protocols.

As per one interpretation, the guidelines of the rule states, walking in a military group, irrespective of the individuals division, any personnel can call for a coin check. The members of the group should be withinarms vicinity and the failure to produce coin by any individual calls to a sponsored raise of toast by that respected individual. However, in case all of them possess the coin, the game challenger is the one to suffer the cost of drinks.

The next ruleremains confined to the air force challenge coins. The game begins when a challenger, after tapping his/her coin on the bar table openly challenges the other individual for showing his coin. If the challenged person is able to do so within a constricted time span of 60 seconds, the challenger loses and sponsors a drink for the challenged. In case of a loss vice versa happens.

Last but not the least, during the challenge if theMilitary Challengecoin drops, everyone who hears or sees the coin drop has his/her drinks sponsored by the coin owner.

Besides a few mentioned rules, there exists many, some confined to the local unit whereas the other according to departments.

Value for coins

No matter how many more rules are incorporated to bring in the fun element or no matter how many of them are traded at high prices, but the noble cause of being a saviour of thousands of lives and a trend setter for building team relationships doesn’t demise with the changing time and market dimensions. Seeing their massive intake on the part of military and the wonders one coin can do, the Military Challenged coins are gladly being accepted by other genres of field. Appellate by thousands of names, the long lived tradition of these challenged coins is certain to survive for ages ahead. Feel glad and proud if you are the owner of any of these.

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