Gifts to Make Up for a Forgotten Birthday

Posted by James Crown on February 7th, 2021


You are waking up at 6 AM, you jolt, and your brain kicks in. You ask yourself, 'What am I forgetting,' and then you get the shocking realization that your best birthday was yesterday... and you didn't even send a text to her. The fear in your chest begins to grow, and you feel horrible. How do you ever miss all the stuff on her birthday? Of course, you're a busy kid, and even the most familiar things in your life can become challenging to keep up with. It's happening to everyone. Fortunately, she is likely to forgive you because, for a reason, she is your BFF! A forgotten birthday can be surprisingly easily solved. Do not worry; we have your back. You can recover from this situation very gracefully.

Forgiveness is Golden

First of all, you'll need the best apology. Making it relevant, and being truthful, is the main component here. This means no excuses. It's possible that making up a sob story would lead her to believe you're dramatic, and it's not going to count as a genuine apology. Express that you accept your fault and worry about her emotions if you forgot that before working on a job, you were up late at night and overslept, which upset the balance of your whole day, and spent the day in a cloud of sleepiness. Yeah, that's straightforward and makes you, like all of us, sound human. Just make sure you explain how much she means to you and that you will never, ever, ever forget her. You are well on the path to forgiveness now.

Make it Up to Her

It's time to make things up to her now. No, this is not the time for a card for a late birthday. You have to show her that you care in a significant way. What kind of person is she? Does she have any particular taste? Do you have unique rituals or experiences that you can integrate into a gift? While you work out your plan, please take a moment and think about what she means to you. This time you can buy yourself by simply saying to her, "I'm going to make this up to you; I need to get going now to get a perfect surprise started." Be sure to take into account the amount of time you've known each other. The longer you've been besties, how high you can go would decide.

Spread it Out

You want to show your best friend that when you said you were sorry, you meant it. A perfect way to do so is to spread your message of apology over many days. Websites such as Piczzle allow images to be uploaded and transformed into puzzle pieces. Choose and make the puzzle a favorite picture of the two of you. Please write a note on the back of each element about how much she means to you. Then, send or mail her a few bits at a time every day! She will have something she will treasure forever when she has the finished puzzle. If it is done, here is a how-to on how to frame a puzzle.

Show Her How You Care About Her

A care package is one of the most specific presents you might ever send. A care kit enables you to combine a range of different gifts into one package. Your relationship should cater to her tastes and reflect each piece of the care package. It ought to be love in a container, very literally.

To get you started, here are some ideas:

  • Socks- Warm, fuzzy, funky, or just plain old socks, new socks are loved by everyone! Happy Socks has some very adorable choices.

  • Gift Cards-A few - gift cards to her favorite stores. A little therapy in retail will cure something!

  • Snacks: If they're safe, Bonus points! Choose the stuff that is simple to prepare and will not melt into a mess.

  • Personalize It- Making it personal is the best touch for any gift. Do you share a movie with a favorite? Have a DVD included! Together, add some of your photos and a few stuffed animals, and you're done!

Try a Throwback Touch

Can you remember the days when you'd download a bunch of your favorite music from the web? You'd burn CDs all day long and have fun playlists, including Break Up Songs and Summer Mixes. It's still just as easy to do it again! All you have to do is grab some blank CDs, grab some music you both enjoy, from when you were children until now. To get an excellent touch, add some of her personal favorites. Then take some sharpies and doodle private messages of love and admiration all over the CDs.

Many magazines, some glue, glitter, and a ton of creativity are included in another fun throwback. It's right, and you should make a collage of her. Bring a masterpiece together on what makes you think of her. Grab those old Vogues sitting in your wardrobe, if she's a glam girl, and make a collage for the fashionista. If she's into food and wine, but the food you know she'd enjoy in some recipes and images.

Give the Gift of Time

Time is something that all of us seem to have a lack. Has your best friend got a kid? Offer your services as a babysitter after you send her to her favorite spa with a voucher. Is she struggling with a class in which you are competent? Spend your time tutoring her. Whatever it is she can need, for a considerable period, make yourself available.

Ok, maybe your best friend isn't exactly tech-savvy. Grab your dust-off can, order a pizza, and click the button for disk cleanup. Tell her that you have a terrible feeling about missing her essential birthday party and that you want to clean up her most important technology.

Set Her With Up Some Relaxation

Our best friends are cherished. So much so that for them, we will do almost anything. Why not set up a romantic night just for her, for one night? Tell her to shut it out for a couple of hours, and you need to come over. Drop by a shop and grab her favorite color and some slippers with a soft robe. Have her put them on when you arrive, pour her a drink, and have her relax while making her a bubble bath with some candles. For an organic and nature-friendly treat, we love those bath bombs.

Tell her to enjoy herself, that's it. Do her dishes, dust her TV, and straighten up a little for her while she's in the water. Order a takeout, put some movies on it, and hang out for a girls' night. She's going to be happy for the short break from life and the quality time with you.

Say it With Flowers

Just about everything you can think of, Flowers can claim. 'I apologize' is undoubtedly one of them. Is she more of a girl with tulips, or maybe she likes carnations? Whatever she wants, we have some lovely choices that you can choose from. All our farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming. Every flower is cut to order, so you get the very best we have to offer.

How about hooking your best girl up with the ultimate apology with a subscription? Please give her a reason all the time to smile that beautiful smile! 

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