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Posted by ansetechnologies on December 16th, 2014

In these days of fast life style system, information and communication play a pivotal role in organizing and managing businesses. Technology savvy firms have established service providing firms to help organizations and businesses to manage their activities to bridge gaps in their day to day activities and assist them with advanced technologies for smooth and hassle free functioning. This Korean company is a leader in providing consultancy service in the transport networking and traffic and mobility management domains. Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and Automatic Identification System (AIS) have become very important. Intelligent transport systems in Korea with a strong professionalism in advanced technologies provides service in the following areas of business. 

  1. Engineering Business
    1. Maritime/Port-related IT business
    2. Railway IT business
    3. Aviation IT business
    4. Public Sector Business    
    5. SI business
      1. Software
      2. Solution
      3. Establishment of Infrastructure – moving computers and Integrated Command and Control Center to other locations and their maintenance assistance
      4. Information System Consulting Field
        1. BPR – Business Process Reengineering
        2. ISP – Information Strategic Planning
        3. Supervision of information Systems
        4. Overseas and International business
          1. Scope of business: IT engineering services in Asia, Africa and other contents for projects in relation with – Maritime Safety, Civil Aviation, Express Railway, Environment Protection, Emergency Rescue and ICT information
          2. Other business
            1. Designing and Structural Safety Analysis for Iron Tower and Antenna

Intelligent transport systems is the eco-friendly traffic management system to collect, process and control the vehicle traffic information on the highway or street inside the city using the state-of-art telecommunication technologies in order to maximize usage efficiency of traffic facilities, enhance the convenience and safety of traffic, and contribute to energy saving.

Aircraft docking guidance system (ADGS) is an automatic guidance system used for safe marshalling of aircraft onto the stands. It helps by signaling the pilot which way to steer, slow down, stop and shut down engine and take-off time and more. Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) flashes the flight information like flight number, Azimuth guidance, closing rate information, digital countdown, lead-in-line etc. on a single display screen, which makes the landing and take-off fully automatic. This company is a trusted name in ADGS and VDGS and has been instrumental in several high quality supplies. It enjoys the satisfaction expressed by many happy and satisfied customers around the world.

Apart from these services, this company has one H/W product to its credit for Paper Strip Printing. This Heat Transfer Type strip printer is especially useful in the field of Civil Aviation and Maritime Control. If customers feel like, they can replace their printers with this low priced product. People interested to discuss business issues can log on and send in a query with their requirement.    

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