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Posted by rohny01 on February 7th, 2021

Vladimir G Dedkov and Peter Daszak all along with the main members of the WHO team have visited the Wuhan Virus Lab to investigate the actual purpose of the virus. We all know that Wuhan Lab was the main center of speculation about the growth of the virus which they have always denied. They feel that the first case did arrive from Wuhan but there was no fault of Wuhan or any other city of China in it. One of the members of the lab will be meeting the whole team and will highlight some of the critical issues.

The WHO team's immediate visit to the Wuhan Institute of Virology was done for the purpose because there was a prediction being made about the third wave arrival as well!

No doubt that the whole world is being under the treatment of the COVID Vaccination, but still it is much needed to know the root cause of this disease and to get rid of it permanently. The team's main purpose was to collect all the data and search for clues related to how the virus has been originated and how it spread.

According to local news of Wuhan, it was originated as a purpose of animal means which the people of Wuhan used to consume. But later on, they denied all the allegations and stated that it has arrived from some other neighboring country.

After three hours of investigation, the team left the lab without giving any statement to the journalists. In the daily briefing, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated that the expert team even held some talks on Wednesday with experts from Huazhong Agricultural University.

According to Wang, they have stated that for them this whole virus traceability is a complex scientific issue and they have to provide some sufficient space to the experts for performing scientific research. China will do their best to cooperate with the WHO team in case they visited the lab again.

WHO team even spent 2 weeks in the quarantine after which the experts visited and fully inspected the veterinary medicine, or virology, food safety as well as epidemiology from 10 nations. Plus they even visited the research centers, hospitals, and traditional wet markets that were associated with the first case of the virus.

New instances of nearby transmission proceed to fall with just 15 said on Wednesday as Chinese heed authorities call no longer to journey for the Lunar New Year excursion later this month.

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