Synthesis Monomer And Resin For Improved Safety, Durability And Performance

Posted by bestroom on December 16th, 2014

Construction, electronic and display materials require numerous components for eliminating harmful effects in them for reasons of safety and health of humans. This company established in 2001 in Korea has been trying its best to develop materials while researching on UV aspects to provide more beautiful and high quality products. They believe that customer’s success is their success and therefore the entire team continuously makes consistent efforts to come up with reliable technology in producing their products. Presently they produce UVLAM, PDLC film, BS 210, BSRF 50/70 and BT OCR.   

PDLC film manufacturer in Korea produces this new material that adjusts the penetration of visible rays according to the presence or absence of electricity. Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal – PDLC is a part of electronics that actively adjusts the penetration ratio of solar light. This new material that they produce does this job effectively either in the presence or absence of electricity. It is laminated with PDLC film from two transparent conductive coated PET. High functional PDLC film is more stabilized in higher temperatures. It is widely used in Privacy film, architecture glass, sunroof, display and E-paper. It makes more creative application in automobile and architecture fields than other switchable film. 

This product Switchable privacy film is largely used to make laminations on glass. Places like hospitals, schools and airports where many people gather use tempered or laminated glass. Resin laminating is becoming increasing popular due to its savings on production costs, time and energy. The resin that is produced by this company has no Zero 6 heavy metal and it has the highest adhesive properties to the glass. It is highly durable and unique in its synthesis technology. Its features are –

Improved safety, including the scattering prevention function

Improved crime prevention effect

Noise prevention – 35dB or more

Can be used on flat glass, curved glass, holed glass, tempered glass at minimum defects rate and at a higher productivity rate

Can insert fabric, crack glass and dry plant

With its transparent and semi-transparent characteristic feature it can be used for safety glass, security glass, display windows, building outer wall, floor, ceiling, stairway, inner gate glass, furniture glass, decoration glass and lighting laminated glass.

Coating ink used for water proofing and rust-preventing jobs is also produced by waterproof mirror edge coating ink manufacturer in Korea. Its defective rate being very low, it is designed to improve productivity as the process of production is simplified. It is widely used for mirror edges. Its features include;

Excellent rust-prevention from silver, lead and copper  

Excellent in water-proofing 

Instant curing 

Minimized ink consumption 

Minimized defective rate  


It can be applied through edge roll coating method and its color is transparent. There is a need to avoid direct contact of this product with the skin, as it may cause skin and eye irritation. People interested in knowing more about these products can log on and ascertain.

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