Developing Reliable And Convenient Agricultural Machinery ? The Eco-Friendly Way

Posted by sungbooindustry on December 16th, 2014

One of the basic needs of human living is food that obviously comes from agriculture. Societies and nations, where agriculture industry flourishes to balance the demand and supply equations, healthy development becomes easy and social disparities vanish. This Korean agricultural machinery manufacturing company is playing a major role in contributing its mite to the agricultural fraternity in the development and supply of suitable machinery help for all operational convenience and reliability. Their products include High place operation car, Boom type high place operation car, Corn (bean) thresher, Auto changer, Screw-type grain container and Multi-purpose power cart. It is an ISO and patent authority credential holder with INNO-BIZ-ISO 900-ISO 1400-patent-new technology agricultural machinery certificate.

Bean threshing machine manufacturer in Korea is the leading manufacturer of corn & bean thresher machines in Korea. They are the first manufacturers in the World for adopting the repulsive force guide method (Lift Guide Comb) in this machine. It is a multipurpose corn peeling machine used for perilla, snaked beard, adlay, safflower, millet and sorghum etc. Its features are unique that can be summarized as follows;

1. Clean and screened beans are put in the burlap bag through tilt table
2. The number of teeth required reduced to one third and the 45 degree diagonal line provided
3. The screen net provided prevents beans from being damaged by reducing impact load area
4. In view of its wide exposed entrance, input amount is doubled
5. Its structure enables emitting of bean pod and bean straw at the same time
6. All the trouble shooting like emission of beans or dragging out have been eradicated in it
7. Threshes even dried beans and wet beans

Another unique and patented product of this company is high place operation car. It is Korea’s first inclination-adjustable Electric High Place Operation Car. They have obtained New Technology Certification from the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for this car. This machine is conveniently adaptable in difficult and dangerous high place work, ensuring safety even in slopped areas. It is free from noise and vibrations that possibly emanate from the engine. Its features are as follows; 

1. The centralized control panel makes operation very easy
2. Various built-in safety devices like emergency shutdown, power shutoff and safety bar
3. High place work up to 4.7M height from the working table
4. Maximum load 250 kg and working space 4.2M breadth with sliding type work table
5. The roll-over protection outrigger provides stable operation
6. With 4-5 hours charging per day, it can operate for 2-3 days at a stretch
7. Independent drive running with motor driven hydraulic unit

Multipurpose power cart in Korea offers highly efficient multipurpose power carts to lessen the burden of labor wages and at the same time to ensure increased productivity. Its features include;

1. Equipped with 2-forward and 1-reverse gear
2. Certified by National Institute of Agricultural Engineering under Rural Development Administration

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