Amber Necklace Teething Solution: Few Important Things to Remember

Posted by matthewdavis9179 on December 16th, 2014

Teething symptoms and pain will always be the most popular topic among moms whose babies are on their teething stage. If you are one of those moms, you probably have ever heard about the use of amber teething necklace as one of recommended teething solutions.

What is amber? This would be the number one question especially if you are not familiar with this before. Amber is the fossilized pine tree resin which has been widely appreciated for its natural color and beauty, even since Neolithic times. Amber jewellery has been a part of ancient culture, especially among European people. At that time, amber was also popular as the material of decorative objects as well as the ingredient of perfumes.

The Best Amber Type

Check the type of amber. This is the most essential thing to consider when you shop for amber necklaces for your teething baby. There are few different types of amber, but the best one is called Baltic amber. This type has the highest content of succinic acid; the amount is approximately 7-8%.

Baltic amber beads, therefore, offer the better benefits compared to the other type. It releases something called succinic acid, the essential property to relieve teething pain and gives soothing/calming effect.

So, when you read the description of amber teething necklace, make sure that the seller stated Baltic amber as their products’ material. This kind of amber is mined directly from Baltic regions. Various color options and unique inclusion become the two other reasons why amber is special.


After checking the type of amber, pay attention to the length. It is not only essential to ensure safety, but also for the best comfort. The ideal length of Baltic amber teething necklaces for babies is 33cm.

The 33cm amber necklaces will fit up to 9 years old kids. Parents do not need to worry about safety issue, because the necklace comes with plastic screw clasp which ensure the necklace cannot be detached easily and the Baltic amber beads are also double-knotted.

Time to Choose Color!

Besides material originality and safety features, parents cannot exclude color, shape and shade from consideration list. The best color, however, is a matter of preference. So that with shape. There are three most popular shapes of Baltic amber beads to choose from: baroque, round flat and olive. For shade, choose one of these options: polished (glossy), semi-polished (matte) and unpolished (raw).

Keep in mind that Baltic amber teething necklaces are to be worn around the neck. It’s not to be chewed, unlike the other teething solution. Amber necklaces offer long term benefits, as long as it is worn appropriately. It refers to the need of adult supervision. The baby shouldn’t wear this necklace unattended and should be removed during sleeping.

Now, it’s time for you to find the best amber teething necklace for your cute teething baby.

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