Understanding Display/Monitor Technology- IPS, QHD And TFT Monitors

Posted by crossover on December 16th, 2014

Display technology is now the latest topic of discussion whether you are watching television or using your smartphone or other smart devices. It is the age of smart technology where the display screen plays an imperative role. Unless, the display is super-fine you cannot enjoy the diverse features of smart technology. Hence, you can realize the opulence of companies specializing in display technology and finding ample ways to improvise the already existing monitors or screens.

Finding a touted name in the market is now easy since you will find many big banners offering enticing range of products with smart display technology. However, with big name comes hefty charges and for many splurging fat bucks is impossible. Then, should they be left out from the experience of enjoying refined technology? Obviously no! If you have heard of Cross Over, a TFT monitor manufacturer in Korea, you will know why we are saying so. This Korean-based company specializes in upgrading various techno-parts and translating them into new and most advanced products to make them fit for sell but at a surprisingly affordable cost. What is best about Cross Over monitors is that the company assures you of quality and performance just like you get to experience from the top-notch companies, but at pocket-friendly prices. Thus, you enjoy display, sound, and picture quality at par excellence at the best pocket-pinch.

Here, we offer you a discussion on Display Technology-

QHD Monitors- It is believed that QHD is the future display screen for smartphones. Since the concept is already creating a lot of buzz and you get to experience QHD monitor screen in your smartphones that are available today, you cannot deny its four time higher pixels as compared to HD displays. QHD technology is making its way through to computer monitors and high-end TV screens. Today, people are using their smartphones to watch videos, plays games and click pictures. They can enjoy all these on high-quality pixel screen that is indeed a treat to the eyes. Remember, the thirst for more high resolution and brighter display is always on the rise and to satiate your hunger pangs, companies like Cross Over come with such QHD display technology but at a much lower price than what you get to expect from popular brands.

IPS LED Monitor- IPS is now the biggest marketing word. If you survey the market, you will find that a big brand is now in the spotlight for its IPS display technology, but you get to enjoy the fruits of this technology from this big banner only in exchange for fat-sized bucks. Cross Over brings to you IPS LED monitor display experience without compromises at the right price. IPS, which stands for In-Plane switching is the current rage. IPS LED screens have higher response time, wide color gamut that produces accurate displays, excellent viewing angle, and so on.

TFT Monitors- To explain it more clearly, a TFT monitor is defined as a kind of display technology that uses thin-film transistor technology mostly used in a LCD display. If you consider LCD monitors, most of them use TFT technology. Remember, TFT monitors are now popularly used for gaming, in all forms of multimedia and also video. 

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