Why women prefer the clothing online stores?

Posted by AmandaTom on December 16th, 2014

Clothes shopping is an activity every woman loves. However, the way women shop now has changed. I can cite the example of my wife. A couple of years ago, she wouldn’t even think about shopping online, leave along clothes. Now she confidently shops online. This has been a sea change in her attitude and this has a lot to do with the way the clothing online stores are operating. Shopping for clothes online has really caught on due to this.

She is not alone. If you consider the shopping habits of modern women, you will find that many of them are moving toward online clothes shopping. In the Walker Sands' 2014 Future of Retail Study, 63% of the respondents said that they shop online for clothes. A significant portion of this population comprises of women. Clothing online has become a passion with many women and some of them prefer not to visit the brick and mortar stores at all.

Clothes shopping online has been fueled due to many reasons.

For most of the working women, spending hours in brick and mortar stores has become impossible. The job markets have become highly competitive and people are forced to spend more time at work. Even when they are not spending time in their offices, they are still working from home. And because more women are now spending more time in front of their computers, they don’t mind taking sneak peeks at their favorite clothing online stores.

The other reason why women prefer shopping online for clothes is because of the profusion of handheld devices. Look anywhere and you will see most people with either smartphones or tablets. Many of the online clothing stores have already come up with their mobile sites and they are offering their customers exactly what they want. With location and preference tracking, clothing online stores are now able to display what a woman would like to buy. And women shoppers are lapping up this idea.

The good news for the women shoppers is that all the large apparel brands have their online stores. However, the specific online stores tend to sell less than those stores that sell multiple brands. This is because stores like Amazon offer thousands of products on display in one page and they are not limited to displaying specific brands.

Contrary to what most people believe, it is not the price that is driving women toward online shopping. The Walker Sands' 2014 Future of Retail Study revealed that 80% of the consumers love online shopping because they like the idea of free shipping. 66% of consumers said they prefer shopping online with 1-day delivery guaranteed to them. And 64% consumers said that free returns and exchanges prompt them to shop online.

Clothing shopping online is no more an unknown entity. The clothing online stores have made sure that they have created enough ripples in the minds of women shoppers.

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