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Posted by ilweolelectronics on December 17th, 2014

In every aspect of life, you get to witness the wonder of technology that is only getting better with each passing. You can now witness excellent improvisations on the older versions that were introduced by our forefathers. As of now, technology has only got better to lend a more beautiful world around you. Well, in the context of lighting technology there have been remarkable changes as you get to witness now. Here in this article, we bring forth discussions on energy efficient lighting technology to your knowledge and benefits.

About streetlamp controller

Talking about electronic streetlamps controller, they are regarded as smarter versions of electronic and mechanical timers that were used once upon a time for on-off operation of street light. The biggest advantage of these lighting options is that they feature energy conservation options, such as dimming, staggering and twilight saving. In many cases, you will find that streetlamp controllers are fitted with astronomical clocks for Global Positioning System or GPS and for particular location.

Today, you will find many streetlight controllers that are adept with radio frequency, mobile communications, general packet radio service and so on. These controller systems are usually adjusted with longitude and latitude to ensure better streetlight maintenance and management. You will find it interesting to know that many types of streetlamp controllers feature traffic sensors that help to manage efficiently the lux level of lamp as per the volume of traffic. Besides, when there is scarce traffic a lot of energy can be saved by reducing lux. Research says that countries like India, America, Canada and other countries have turned to street light controller system for their road lighting option to ensure energy conservation, maintenance purpose and street light management. Street light controllers can be expensive but you are assured of return on investment in about 7 to 10 years. If you consider tunnel lights controller, the same logic goes for it.

We now bring your attention to GPS guard lamp switches. The specifications and features of these switches ensure that they function efficiently with cost-saving properties to it. Here, follow the features below to enhance your knowledge:

• These switches have automatic compensation function adjusted with standard time

• Also, these lights have convenience of automatic compensation for on/off time that depends upon the installed area • You can check out functions on LCD screen

• With simple controlling systems, you ensure setup of timing and data check

Also, have a look at the advantages of these lights:

• As the satellite receives signal and indicates, the light will start running automatically

• These lights enjoy on/off compensation functions

• Also, they have compensation function for power failure

ILWeol Electronics Co., is that one name that comes to mind when we are having a discussion on lighting solutions. With pathbreaking technology to come up with advanced switches and lighting solutions, the company is now a household name for producing eco-friendly lamps with GPS technology and automatic on and off system according to location and need of light.

Thus, enjoy the benefits of lighting solutions everywhere when you have access to invigorating technology from the house of ILWeol.

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