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Posted by Field Nyborg on February 7th, 2021

recently, Xiao mm, who has just graduated from the Department, proposed to share her experience in computer software testing with you. I sorted it out, but it might not be complete. Test work experience sharing Tianqing on July 13, 2016 I. test phase division 1 . Single module function test requires a relatively long time, but each project should have a special integration test phase, and more than one round should be completed. Each round of integration testing should have its own purpose. For instance , the first round of integration testing is to verify the entire function according to the tips of integration testing; the next round of integration testing is regression testing; the third round of integration testing is cross testing. Each project should perform several rounds of integration testing, which depends upon the actual situation of the project, and the decisive factors are mostly dependant on the duration and how many project problems. 2. Each project must have a special test stage, such as for example interface test, performance test, exception test, and so forth (as testers, they should simply take the initiative to talk to the project team, whether to undertake this work in the project, and lastly have a written communication result, preferably confirmed by email. ) 2、 Test process document output 1 ) After the project requirements review, or after the project has started requirements discussion, you ought to talk to the project manager and start to consider testing. 2. Test process documents can't be missing, such as test plan, test scheme, test case, test report, and so on, and the output of a particular part of test documents can not be missing due to the insufficient construction period, that'll only give others insufficient expertise in testingThe aftereffect of not writing documents is not fundamentally better than that of writing documents. The purpose of writing documents isn't only to accumulate the business's wealth, but also to straighten out their own testing ideas. Only if their a few ideas are unmistakeable, the testing process will never be confused. Otherwise, they could be confused in the testing process, and so they don't know how to start and where you should end. 3. Each stage of testing needs to have output, such as planning stage, output test plan, test scheme, execution stage, output test case, output test report after system testing, etc . The entire testing process ought to be performed in an orderly way. 4. Prepare in advance, such as for instance test plan, test scheme and test case. If you're able to do it beforehand, make an effort to do it ahead of time. Otherwise, in terms of the test execution stage, you will be in a hurry and feel: ah, I have not written the test case yet, but the development has submitted the test. What must i do? Test first, and then fill in the employment cases. In cases like this, the employment cases that want to be supplemented at that time are fundamentally not supplemented. If the company finally needs the information, it creates a random collection. Consequently, the information submitted is unqualified, and the company will likely deny your work this time around. 3、 The level of test thinking should span 1 From the point of view of the testers I contacted, I generally consider the general situation (the whole), or do not care about anyone who's personally responsible or other person responsible. Currently, the development is very good. If I just believe that I will do might work well, other items that I will not do have nothing at all to do with me, and the ones that have this idea generally have a good career developmentThere will not be much improvement. 2. It is strongly recommended to truly have the notion of a brick, where you'll need it, you can proceed to where you'll need it. After reaching this level, fundamentally everything in the team will think of you. At this time, you're not far away from the improvement of development. 3、 As testers, we have to avoid considering ourselves as testers. We must stand on a greater level, the same as we participate in the project team, but at precisely the same time we have to be greater than the project team. We can not do everything what the project team says. We should have our personal a few ideas. I do believe we must stay glued to what is right, and lastly we cannot reach a consensus. We must seek resources for assistance. Obviously, sometimes our some ideas might be wrong, so we ought to also adopt the proper opinions of others. Not all the problems within the test should be solved. 4、 Communication as testers, understanding how to communicate is a compulsory course for all of us. In the following links, we must think deeply and earnestly express our opinions and keep in touch with the project team. 1 ) When reviewing certain requirements, we must express our own opinions on certain requirements and services and products; 2. When reviewing the use cases, we ought to have a clear idea and review the employment cases in an orderly way, because we are the leading factor in the overview of the test cases; 3. When confirming difficulties with the development throughout the test process, we must actively keep in touch with each other to greatly help the development locate the problems; 4 When communicating with developers, make an effort to become more persuasive when it comes to the impact of this issue on users. 5、 Look closely at details 1In the procedure, perhaps the definition of each and every word is suitable or not and the meaning of every icon must be considered (for example, in * * project and * * process drawing, exactly what are the meanings of different colors, and has anyone inquired, checked on the web, or consulted the designer); 2 The facts of the document, as a tester, will output a whole lot of test documents from the beginning to the finish of the project. Many of these documents might be copied from other projects. Some of them never have changed their time, some have not changed their names, plus some have even not changed their project names There are a great number of documents similar to this. You must read them watchfully from starting to end. Otherwise, your testing work and testing ability will be reduced. 6、 The accumulation of test technology 1 . Don't always show your "little white" in front of development. After having a number of years, you might really become "little white"; 2 In the standard test process, in addition to the function of the test interface, you can check the database to see if the information is successfully written into the database, and what goes on if you modify the information in the database again; 3 Through the front-end test, we have to look at the server log information more frequently. Often times, the front-end operation is abnormal. We could find the explanation for the problem through the server error log information. If we tell the development the explanation for the situation, it will likely be a happy thing for the development; 4 Figure out how to use page analysis or packet capture tools, such as for instance clicking a button when there's absolutely no response, we could use theF12, or Firefox's debug tool, to view the request and response; five. When problems are located, don't rush to record them. First, confirm whether the problem is related to the browser and cache. After confirming the situation, you'd better find the root cause of the situation. In a nutshell, along the way of testing, we have to figure out how to find and analyze problems, and accumulate professional familiarity with testing technology in the process of testing. 7、 Software testing knowledge 1 ) Begin with the essential understanding of software testing; get rid of the misunderstanding: the theoretical knowledge of testing is not important 2 Software knowledge learning, testing is for pc software services, software engineering, program writing language, architecture, network, most of the development related knowledge, it is recommended for more information or less, as a tester, there are numerous what to learn, usually do not require depth but breadth; eight, pc software testing this occupation just started, or work for quite a while of testing Staff have more or less this confusion, why testers are generally lower than developers? Because of this problem, I saw a web log that said: testers and developers, the same as nurses and health practitioners. No matter how excellent or professional the nurses are, they cannot cure the patients. Similarly, testers cannot make software, and those who are able to make software are considered to be developers. There are many famous doctors in a medical facility, nevertheless the famous nurses have barely heard of it. The partnership between development and testing is the same. Therefore , because of different responsibilities, there needs to be different degrees of importance. There is value in the existence of nurses, Computer software development also needs testing. I also firmly genuinely believe that there must be a lot of people who have been on the road of pc software testing. Since we've plumped for the application testing industry, develop to maximise the development value of the software testing industry. aws certification aws certification

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